Thoughts, Things and the Spiritual Journey

As little kids, we used to use different shaped Jello molds to create little cubes of Jello and then, of course, enjoy eating them. We got to choose whether we wanted a butterfly mold, a heart or a star or a multitude of others.

Did you know that we are doing this every day with our thoughts? Our thoughtful decisions about our life are like molds. We get to decide what mold we will fill. The substance itself is formless energy awaiting our decisions. It is subject to our thoughts. How are we using that energy? Are we using it on point, decisively and thoughtfully, or are we allowing it to just fly free with no thought at all or random thoughts.

Not making decisions of clarity about our life is like taking that Jello and pouring it out on the table and waiting to see where it will land. It will find a mold, a crevice or hole somewhere, and then we will wonder what happened. The good news is that we can change molds in any given moment, or we can change the wheel of causation any time we choose to do so.

If I have learned anything through this teaching of the Science of Mind, it is to have vision and clarity for my life. If I have learned anything, it is to guard my thoughts and direct them. I give a lot of power to my thoughts and because of that I am ever-vigilant. I understand that keeping my thought positive does not mean I am not looking at the facts. I am not an ostrich with her head in the sand. I am someone who looks through what is happening to the Spiritual Truth and does my best to stay poised there, and to be of assistance where I can.

The Spiritual life, as the Swami at the Hindu Temple said, is a difficult path. At one time, I would not have said this because I would have thought that it meant that I would be struggling. However, now I understand the word difficult to mean disciplined. It takes discipline to stay anchored in Truth and to live from that place. It takes courage to walk the path. However, what I am learning, as I do my best to do so, is that I can walk through chaos in peace. I can be of assistance to others.

I highly recommend the Spiritual path, which to me is rising above the world of conditions and being a student of Life and Truth. It takes study and practice. It is a journey; it is not a destination for each seeming destination is just another opening to the more.

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