It’s All Good

In the philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit we use the term “It’s all Good.” This is very disturbing and confusing to some people in light of a world that doesn’t seem that way. Last night, I got asked to explain how all is good when it doesn’t seem to be.

In our textbook, Ernest Holmes mentions the word good over 90 times. “The realization that Good is Universal, and that as much good as any individual is able to incorporate is his life is his to use, is what constitutes the Science of Mind and Spirit,” and “We experience good and evil because we preceive a presence of duality rather than unity.”

This sums it up for me. There is only one Power it is Good. It is Harmony, Order, Balance. It is Love. It is unlimited. It is who we are, but many of us are ignorant of this Truth. We live our lives in the absence of Good. We do not think we deserve it nor do we feel that we are at one with it. We struggle and suffer all because we are ignorant of who we are.

When we become ill or face other difficulties in the world of conditions, behind it all is Good. Why? Because in those times, we have the opportunity to turn to that Good which we are. At those times, Good is still calling, still there, still wanting to make itself known. We are always at choice. These times are callings from the Good.

If there were any power but Good in the Universe, it could not stand for one moment. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We cannot stand when we are divided. We have problems, but not because Good doesn’t exist, but because we have chosen not to accept it.

If there were anything to practice in this life, for me, it would be to sit in appreciation and acceptance of the Good. It would be to recognize it everywhere. It would be to see it behind every experience. It would be to accept more and more of it as my true identity.

There is a Law that gives us exactly what we say yes to. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that Good. All that there is – the unlimitedĀ  eternal life is ours. I cannot think of anything that could be better than that. A Power that just says “yes,” and doesn’t even care who I am, what I’ve done or where I’ve been. It just says “yes.” However, if I do not use it with love, chaos will ensue. This doesn’t make the Power bad. It doesn’t make me bad either. It just means I am ignorant of it. It is just a fact, an experience. The journey of life, for me, is to embrace the Power and let it live through me and stop putting limits on it.

The other day someone close to me said, “Your life seems so happy.” I said, “Yes, it is and yours can be, too.” This person was having a lot of earthly difficulties. He started to give me excuses of why he couldn’t have a happy life. They were all based in the material world and the restrictions and obligations he had put on himself that caused him to suffer. What I understand about that is that we are always choosing our lives. We are responsible for everything in our life. The sooner we can start accepting and living from a place of self-love and tap into the Truth of who we really are, the more we can see the good behind everything and every experience, the more it will make itself known.

Life is Good. I stick to this premise. I recognize the one Power that is present everywhere and in everyone. It is Good.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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