Spirit is Spontaneous

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Individuality must be spontaneous; it can never be automatic. The seed of freedom must be planted in the inner most being of man, but like the Prodigal Son, man must make the great discovery for himself.”

Yes, we are individuals and our individuality is spontaneous – self-choosing. Our individuality makes up our use of the Infinite Law of our being. How much of it we choose to use is up to us. We are free; however, we also are subject to the effects of that freedom. The Law of Cause and Effect is always in place.  This idea has come to play in infinite ways on this trip to the East Coast. I am on my way back now to Los Angeles and then Kaua’i, and still I am always at choice.

For the past couple of days I had the opportunity to spend time with sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and grandchildren. It was quite a banquet, full of choices the whole time. When everyone wants to see you, you are full of choices. What are your priorities is always the question.

Life is like that. We are at choice. People, sometimes, seem to have difficulty making choices. They keep checking in with their priorities and even then, they are worried they will make the wrong choice.

What if we knew we could never really make the wrong choice, unless we used our choice to harm another. That’s another story and we are not dealing with that here. We are just dealing with the multitude of choices we have in every moment. The choices are infinite, and what I believe is that if our choice turns out to lead us down a road that we do not like, we can choose again.

When making a choice, for me, it is not as much about checking in with my priorities as  it is about what is going to feel the best and make me the most happy. It is impossible to make everyone else happy. “We are that we might have joy.” Is this selfish? Some seem to think so. They choose to think life is a struggle, and so they get a struggle. They choose to think sacrifice is necessary, and so it is necessary. They choose to think their choices are limited by some obligation that they think they have, and so it is limited.

I believe in infinite choices that are always unfolding for the highest good of all. I believe that we are free to choose Love and not the “shoulds.” To me, shoulds are not very loving and I would hate to have someone choose a should for me over love.

What do you want right now. Is it based on all the things you think you cannot have? You are blessed and capable of having everything. Like I said, yesterday – no compromises. We have everything within us to make the choices that are for the highest good of all in every moment. We have guidance, direction and protection. We can call upon the Infinite Law in every moment to make our way possible. We are led by Love. We have intuition as our guide. We are spontaneous Spirit.

Yes to Infinite Choices for the Highest Good of all. If you think, you don’t know what that is, you might just be procrastinating. Usually, that is what we do when we are in fear of making a mistake. There are no mistakes and life is rich with opportunities for all. Once we are clear, the Universe backs us the whole way.

Love and Aloha from NY La Guardia,

Rev. Rita

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