Homeward Bound

I am on my way to my physical home on Kaua’i. I have had an amazing trip. I’ve fulfilled my goal of staying in the present moment and knowing I am always in the perfect place at the perfect time. I’ve stayed in the flow, and did not get caught up in trying to push the boat. I’ve stayed true to myself without preaching and lecturing everyone.

Because of all of the above, what I have found is that the world has met me from that place. Even in the someone chaotic times. there has been an underlying peace and calm that I’ve kept with me.

It’s all because of my practice of the Science of Mind and Spirit. It is all because I’ve taken response-ability for everything on this trip and that which created it. I believe I am backed by an Infinite, Loving Universe that is for me, not against me and I put it into practice.

The secret to life is held all in our belief. It is done unto us as we believe. We cannot trick this process. It is exact and It knows our inner most thoughts and feelings – the real ones. It knows because It is us. We are constantly operating in and through Law. We walk around repelling anything unlike and attracting everything like. The more we can see the Good and praise everything, the more we can find the rainbow in everything – the more we joy we receive from this beautiful thing called Life.

I say I am homeward bound and I do look forward to kissing the ground of my beautiful Island, but in actuality, I’ve always been home. You really cannot leave home. Glinda the Good Witch is right. It’s always right here.  We have the most peaceful, loving home possible in Spirit. It never deserts us and it always places us right at home wherever we are.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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