What Do They Think of Me?

While I was traveling I watched a documentary about the famous Steven Spielberg. Many of us know that we was clear about being a filmmaker since the age of 16. He also almost backed away from it after watching Lawrence of Arabia, because he thought he could never do anything as great as that. However, his doubts did not stop him from just walking forward into his dream and passion for making movies.

What came to me while watching this movie is how much people want to bring others down. He was rejected from USC Film School. He was criticized for making fluff and sensationalistic films – “JAWS.” He was criticized for making films to make up for the fluff. His genius eye for making films could not be denied, but it took him many years to prove himself to the powers at be. He might have cared, but not enough to stop from pursuing his passion, love and clarity of purpose.

Steven Spielberg is just one of a million stories of great artists, scientists, writers and such who were either never appreciated for their talent, or experienced the long road to recognition, or were never recognized until their death, or never recognized at all.

Some of us experience this longing for recognition in our lives, too. We might not be aspiring for stardom or notoriety, but we want to be recognized for what we do. What is this about us and what is it about those of us who will not give that recognition to others?

I spoke to someone during my trip, who at the age of almost 60 was still wanting his mother to approve of him. I’ve done the same thing myself throughout my life. In fact, I still have to check in with myself continually to make sure I’m not falling into that trap.

This is what I have learned. There is only one place that will allow us to be free from the longing for recognition. It is by recognizing ourselves. It is by loving ourselves. It is about truly releasing the expectations we put on others about recognizing the work we do in the world. It is about knowing that our great work or very life is not dependent on anyone or anything besides what we think about ourself.

Like attracts like. It’s Law. What you think about yourself is reflected back to you by more of the same. If we could walk in confidence for the very Light we are, we would walk in an entirely different world apart from criticism. I remember hearing Brene Brown saying something, “If you are not in the arena with me, you have nothing to say to me.”

A few days ago, I found out that while Patrick and I were leaving for Kaua’i to begin our journey of building CSL Kaua’i, there were many people who thought we’d never make it. We never really heard from any of them at all. It was done in the background. I don’t blame them. That’s their thing, and I’m sure it was, in a way, their “concern” that drove those conversations. However, what I do know is that we never heard any of it, because we were to busy walking down the road with clear passion for what we were doing. We were too busy building a Center. Nothing and no one can touch the Power of Love in action.

So, why am I writing all this? I trust that someone will read it who has a dream, or is trying to accomplish something, or is just wanting recognition, thinking it will make them feel worthwhile. We’ve got to stop it. We’ve got to take the rein of our own journey.

Keep steady! Live that passion! Recognize yourself and your accomplishments – small and large. You are amazing! The Universe backs a clear and passionate mind. Nothing can stop a dream that is unfolding, besides hesitation on the part of the dreamer. One mind walking in the direction of his or her dream can only be successful. And what is success? For me, is living the life you imagined for yourself full-out.

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