Have a Scientific Day!

Yesterday, I gave a message at our Center titled “Where You Comin’ From?” When I get up to talk, although I have thought ahead and somewhat outlined what I want to say, I always allow myself to relax into my message and let it flow from within, trusting that what I say is perfect.

As I gave this message yesterday, something came through me and that was how it is so important to practice this Science in the simple in somewhat little ways. Sometimes, I underestimate the importance of this. The seemingly small demonstrations we make are very important. If we can not practice using this Science of Mind and Spirit during the small occurences in our lives, how will we ever meet the big challenges we face? If we cannot drive in traffic and remain at peace and in the flow or stand in a long line somewhere without getting annoyed, how will we ever make it through a tough diagnosis or a large financial challenge?

In reality, as Emerson put it, “There is no big or small to the mind that maketh all.” As we practice everyday, we are building our confidence in the Law to respond to us. We are also enjoying more peaceful and joyful lives. This keeps our vibrational rate high and, yes, helps us to keep our lives at the high level.

I invite us all to wake up in the morning with the intention of coming into our days with the knowing that we can practice approaching everything from a high point of view. If something annoying occurs, perhaps we can look at it as a thing that could be in our favor, and not against us.

I do believe that everything that does happen is for us. It wouldn’t be in our lives if we hadn’t called it in through our Consciousness. Now the question is “What are we going to do about it?” Are we going to give into victimhood, guilt, fear and a multitude of other negative emotions or are we going to stand up and find the gift and approach it from the highest place, knowing that we can change our lives by changing our mental response to life’s experiences. They are just experiences, after all. They are not the totality of who we really are.

Have a beautiful day. Make it a Scientific one! Prove to yourself that your Consciousness can shift when it needs to and does change your effects.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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