It’s a Matter of Mastery

I’ve chosen the word “quantum” as a word of contemplation, meditation, exploration and action for these sixteen weeks and it is leading me on quite a journey.

Have you ever thought about the advancements of technology in relation to the advancements we’ve made emotionally and spiritually? Technology has surpassed us. This might seem like a strange idea, but think about it. We can create just about anything now in the technological field.

In her book Do You Quantum Think? Dianne Collins writes, “Relativity and quantum science have altered our “outer” world, But what about you and me? Our technology has indeed surpassed us. We know the word holistic, we can repeat the noble declarations, ‘We are One, do unto others…judge not’…but mostly they’re just concepts because do not really live by that wisdom.”

In 1927 Ernest Holmes wrote, “He (humanity) has harnessed electricity, compelled steam to do his bidding, conquered the air, built cities, made the desert to bloom, and has thrown the lines of his commerce around the globe. Indeed, he has seemed to possess the earth during this process, even though little attention has been given to that still, small voice which said, ‘Man, know thyself.'”

We have left ourSELVES out this journey. We’ve allowed ourselves to think we have no control over our own lives. We have made ourselves subject to disease, poverty, and other calamities, as if we have no control over them, that they are outside entities that attack randomly or because someone did it to us. Germs, we think, attack us. Other people give us colds. Cancer can strike anytime. Not everyone is privileged. We have created a species of victims.

And yet, the prophets, seers and mystics of the ages have said one thing and we’ve not given it (for the most part) any validity. That one thing, stated in many ways, is in essence – WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR DESTINY. There is a Power that awaits our command, in fact, we are using in every moment and we do not know it. It is our own thinking. We think we can’t control our own thinking. Our thoughts run wild. We don’t even realize that we spend most of our time complaining, judging and broadcasting all sorts of doom and gloom everywhere we go, and by doing that we are creating more of the same. DO YOU KNOW HOW POWERFUL YOU REALLY ARE?

Even in one of the first passages of the Bible, it says, “Man (Humanity) was given dominion.” Dominion not over others, but the self. It’s a metaphor – the Bible – and if we read it as such, we might find that it is telling us the metaphorical history and possible future of humanity.

Okay, enough said. Here’s what I am doing. I’m taking care of my own mind. My mind (consciousness, awareness) is Divine and Powerful. When things come up and I begin the negative thinking or think that I cannot stop thinking in a certain way or when I begin to find myself getting invested in the latest scare, I will bring my mind back to the Truth. My thoughts are things. I am the thinker. As I think, so I am. My thoughts impress the Law of my being bringing all good to me and all humanity.

I am the observer aback of it all at the helm of my own life. I live as if I truly believed “We are One.” I am harnessing the one Power, one Energy, as it moves through and as me (not you). I cannot control you. That’s your business and I mind my own business. However, I do note that as I think I do uplift the One Mind in which we all live. That’s the Unity part of all this. However, you are still free to think anyway you want.

My mind is at one with Divinity, Infinite Intelligence and Law. With this Force moving and living through and as me, I can consciously change my energy and change my life at any time. It’s a matter of mastery and it takes practice. The good news is that we already have the power and we are already using it; now, it is ours to use consciously. That is the mastery part of all of this. And so it is for all of us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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