Sharing My Thought Train

My life is a miracle! How could I ever complain about anything. And yet, sometimes I still do? What causes me to complain when I know without a doubt that Life is in my favor at all times? Or do I? I believe I do know this. I am strong in my belief, and yet I still complain. I do it because I am still entrapped in race consciousness. I have not fully risen myself out of it. I am still inflicted with the thoughts of the race. Perhaps, I always will be, and I will have to remind myself of what I know all the time. Even Jesus the Christ was crucified. How do I expect to escape when the Master of Masters could not? Someone actually said that to me once. Hmmm…

There is something I am forgetting and that is choice. Do I believe in choice? Do I believe that in every moment I get to choose how I think and what I can do with my life? Do I believe that I am at choice or am I still in victim mode? And, as far as Jesus is concerned, I do not know everything about him. What if he chose that path for himself? We are told he did for various reasons. I really can’t use anyone, even him as an example of what I am capable of. I am me!

As I review all these thoughts going through my mind this morning pouring onto this page, I realize that I do believe I am at choice. I do believe that I can stop complaining anytime I choose to do so. I do believe that I am blessed and capable of achieving everything I desire. There is a formula.

I must stay right where I am and relax and surrender. What does that look like? I must stop trying to compel things to happen. I must accept those things as already having happened. What if it is about our new home that we are seeking. I accept it is already here. In this acceptance and staying right where I am, I begin to take action. Not forceful action. Calm, peaceful and direct action like packing. Anytime, I find myself complaining about the home not appearing or it taking so long, I must stop and ask myself, what do I really believe. Is this me thinking or is it the thoughts of the race thinking me. What do I know?

I read this chapter in “Do You Quantum Think?” that stated that we do not control how we think nor can we. Our “world view” thinks through us. It makes sense. This is the same as saying we are subject to the thoughts of the race in which we live, which have formed our beliefs. The only thing that can cure this is to dig in and begin to release ourselves from the world view. I do this through SMT (Spiritual Mind Treatment). It brings me back to the Absolute, First Cause, the place of beginnings, untouched by anything. Spiritual Mind Treatment creates a new neuro-pathway, but I have to stick with it for it to stick.

So, what is the answer to my complaining about anything? For me, it is letting go and relaxing into my own journey and letting everyone else have theirs. It is a matter of trust, faith and staying right where I am, accepting my good. When the demonstration is made, I will know it by doing what is mine to do. The demonstration will not be made by me waiting for something to show up and complaining about it in the meantime.

Getting into calm and assured action with the faith that all is done in perfect time is for me the way to live. I live from the Absolute, not from the world of conditions. I really do know this. I just thought I’d let you see my thought train when I let myself derail. Yes, I do let myself derail. Choice! When I realized that it was all about choice, my whole life changed. I love being the Observer.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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