Who is Thinking You?

Have you thought of the possibility that you have no control over your thinking? Can you, for a moment, conceive that you are being thought by the race consciousness you’ve been born into, the experiences you had, the beliefs of your parents, etc., that there is something else that you are thinking from?

I am so grateful to know this. It makes so much sense to me. Of course, I’ve been working on training my mind, changing my beliefs and living from the realization of my Divinity for over 20 years now. However, I realize I can still get caught in the trap – not all the time – but more than I would like to be.

So, I am realizing more than ever how important it is for me to do my spiritual work, not just in the morning when I wake up, but all day long. I realize how important it is to check in when I have a thought or reaction to something and ask where is that coming from? Becoming the observer of my life is the realization that behind what I think is the real Spirit, the real me. This real me lives in an unlimited field of pure potentiality that is capable of everything and anything.

Ernest Holmes knew this in 1927. Buddha new this and Jesus knew this. There are mystics upon mystics that knew this. They were evolved beings who came to teach us. However, we were not ready as a whole to accept and experiment and even try. I believe that we are ready now. With the coming of the quantum age, the proof of Science, the wedding between science and mysticism, we are ready now to make the next leap. I am remembering that Ernest Holmes in the first section of the Science of Mind wrote, “we look forward to the day when Science and Religion shall walk hand in hand through the visible to the invisible.”

We cannot, however, be lazy about this. If we really want the changes we say we want for our world and ourselves, we have to pay for it with mental coinage. We have to go straight to the self and teach that self to think in new ways, to say bye-bye to the old materialistic ways of thinking. Physical reality is not the real thing. “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

It takes discipline and it is at the same time the greatest and most amazing thing we can do. We are the Energy of Source, Divine Intelligence, brought to this very moment through the process of creation which has been taking place for eons. Being in this very moment is not happenstance. It is the destiny that we have created as a Unified whole. Because of our individual choices, which are always here, we are at different levels in this forward movement of evolution, but they are only planes of mental awareness.

Remember when Jesus said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions…” Did you ever consider that mansions are planes of mental awareness?

So, we can choose to take the leap or stay connected to the race consciousness plane of victimhood and the myriad of issues that that consciousness brings, or we can take the leap. Many are already do this. You might already be one of them. There is a tipping point and when enough of us make the leap, there will be no stopping this forward momentum.

I think a good way to start is to just start thinking outside of the box, or being the exception to the rule. Why not ask ourselves what if I did it this way instead? Live by vision instead of memories of things that cannot be changed. There is so much we can do to get started. Have a great day!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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