We All Matter

I saw an amazing movie last night – “I Am,” and it sent me thinking even more deeply about our connection in consciousness. What if you could do one little thing today that would shift the world? What if what you thought about today could shift the world? What if what you felt today could be felt by the world? What if all it took to shift the world was one thing?

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by what is going on in our world. Our problems seem insurmountable. We are at a loss at what we can do to help. It seems too big for us and we do not even want to start. So, we just sit where we are, look out and either complain or go back to business as usual.

What I have come to learn through spiritual studies and practice and what science is now proving is that we do make a difference in every moment. Sitting alone in our little corner of the world, we do make a difference. When we think, it sets off a ripple effect of communication. When we feel, it sets off a ripple of feelings. We do matter. And, matter is changed when we change.

If you are wondering why you feel sad at times or even depressed or why at other times you are high as a kite, don’t just blame it on chemical imbalances. There is more at play. Chemicals don’t just get imbalanced. There is a cause behind everything. We are all connected, in-tuned, and in sync.

So, this is why consciousness is so important. Our consciousness is our responsibility, unless we want to be sucked into the consciousness of the masses. Are you thinking consciously today or are you just roaming and picking up whatever is in the atmosphere? Are you deliberately creating your own atmosphere of love, and then, of course, acting upon it?

We are conscious co-creators. We matter. What we think and then what we do about it matters. One person can change the world. Think of all the ones who have – Buddha, Jesus, Emerson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Gandhi, Mandela, Oprah, David Hogg and, yes, Rita Andriello and ________________you…just to name a few!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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