All Things New

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy April Fools’ Day! And, happy birthday to my friend Kevin! This weekend is a special weekend. It is the weekend of two of the greatest miracles that ever happened. Firstly, the great story of the Angel of death passing over the Israelites’ door without touching them during the time of Moses and the great Exodus from Egypt. Secondly, the resurrection of Jesus the Christ and the promise of eternal life for all of us. And, then to top the whole weekend off – it’s April Fools Day. Oh…and my friend Kevin’s birthday. All of our birthdays are miracles.

So, what do I know about all this? Only what I can know, and I can only know it by living it. Do I believe that Jesus rose from the dead? I wasn’t there. I’m not sure it is as important as whether or not I can live the principle of the resurrection in my own life. To me, ressurection means that I am making my life new right now. I am constantly living from a perspective that is new. I am willing to change, expand and grow. I am willing to change my beliefs when they don’t serve my highest good.

I’ve had death on my mind a lot lately because of my mom’s pending transition. The whole reading this week from the Science of Mind has been about immortality. Ernest Holmes definitely had his view-point. Some of that viewpoint came from science, his own common sense, and what he says he knew because he knew. No one can take away something we know and we all know differently. The question is does it bring joy to us and those around us?

Anyway, Dr. Holmes wrote this, which I am repeating from yesterday’s blog: “Death is overcome not by dwelling upon it, but by contemplating eternal life. It is the belief of the writer that should one become completely unconscious of death and all fear of it, one would never know that he died, even though he went through the experience of passing from this life to the next. Death would be swallowed up of life.”

This is a totally new perspective on death and I embrace it. I embrace it not because I am in denial of my own mortality but because it makes total sense to me. It is the logical outcome of believing in a Divine Presence that lives within me that is only Love. Death could only be Life. I believe that is what Jesus came to teach.  And Science is now proving all of this.

Life is not created. It just is and always has been. I do not know where we go when we die. My feeling is we are right here and we will always be right here. I experience my father and those who have passed from my life every day.

Rev. Suzanne, a Unity Minister told a metaphysical rendition of the  story about the two thieves that hung next to Jesus on their crosses. One thief wanted to know if he could be forgiven for his sins. The other wanted to know if there would be room for him in Heaven. They represent the past and the future. Jesus let them know that Heaven was now and they would be celebrating with him in the now.

All things are new in every single moment should we choose to change our perspective in the moment. Things do not need to be tragic and we do not need to keep making the same mistakes. The Angel of Death does pass over us if we believe in life.

And as far as April Fools’ Day is concerned? I do not mind being called a fool or in denial or any of those things that those of us who think differently and have thought differently are and were called. I know what I know and I know it because I am living it. I’m willing to be wrong and think again. I’m willing to not know. I’m willing to live in the mystery.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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