It Is Done Unto Us As We Believe

My mother Clare Andriello-Trosclair made her transition early this morning Eastern time and Easter Sunday my time. She was ready to go and peaceful.

A couple of weeks ago, she told me the story of the two swans and how when one dies, the other dies, too, sometimes. She missed her husband Bob Trosclair very, very much and was trying to tell me she really wanted to be with him. He passed away on Christmas Day. I remember saying, “Mom, you will choose which swan you want to be.” I already knew she had decided. However, she said “Whatever the Lord wants.” She had surrendered to Divine Will – which is always good.

My mom declined so quickly after that. She made her confession, took her communion, had her blessing from her favorite priest and confessor Fr. Brian, and within a week, she was gone.

My mother was a woman of deep faith and had deep love for Jesus. I know all her prayers were answered and she is at peace right now. This morning when I was meditating I felt her presence of pure love. It was sweet and definite.

I love my philosophy and faith, because we believe it is done unto us as we believe. In the Science of Mind reading for today, Ernest Holmes wrote, “We should bear in mind that the prayers which are effective – no matter whose prayers they may be – are effective because they embody certain universal principles which, when understood, can be consciously used.”

My mom had deep abiding faith in God answering her prayers. She understood this and used it. All prayers are answered according to our faith. It doesn’t matter if we are a Jew, Christian or Hindu or even an Atheist. Prayer is answered because it is done unto us as we believe no matter what. We don’t even have to give a formal prayer. Our thoughts are prayers when they have conviction and emotion behind them.

I am so grateful for a philosophy that allows me to love and respect everyone no matter what they believe. I am grateful for the Power of Prayer and that Law of our Being that always says yes to us.

I love you,  Mom, and I know that you rest today with Jesus, your Savior and all those who love you who have gone before – Bob, Dad, Grandma – everyone! I hold you in my heart and know that we are forever connected. The thing that is the most difficult is thinking I can’t just pick up the phone and call you right now. We had some great conversations this past year. However, just like Dad has been around when I needed to talk, I trust I can hear and talk to you any time because there is no time or space in the One Heart that connects us all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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