Try It!

Could we be like a tree, a flower or the ocean, we would definitely know that we have limitless power right at hand where we are. If you think  about it, Nature never wants. It simply is. It exists in total submission to Life as its very self.

We, on the other hand, are conscious thinking beings of choice. We have the opportunity to reject or embrace all the Power that is.

So, what if we could just emulate Nature a bit more? What if we could just trust that everything was unfolding for us perfectly in every moment? What if we could just let go and trust that our thinking brings us every good. That it is Law.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that “Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought.” Because we have choice, we get to think in any way we choose to think. We can think from lack or we can think from prosperity. We can think from love or we can think from fear. There is nothing thinking us. If we think we cannot change our thinking, it is because we have allowed our memories of past, race consciousness and ideas that no longer serve us think for us.

Today is a new day. Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought. We can change our thinking and train our thought by letting go of every limitation that we have put upon ourselves and begin to think anew. We can do it. We might think that we cannot, but we can. I’ve done it. I’ve been in both worlds and sometimes I continue to swing back and forth. However, I know that the more I can think beyond the box, beyond appearances and trust that everything is unfolding for my good, the better results of life I receive. The more I can be definite in my desires and intentions and know that there is a Power that answers yes to me and let go to that Power, the better my life experiences become. It is just a matter of letting go and knowing.

There is no one or anything holding anything back from us except the direction of our thinking. We cannot wait to have a perfect life before we start thinking better. We have to start now. Every thought we have comes from a belief. We will know our beliefs by the thoughts we think. I invite us to take one small area of our lives and just persist in knowing that things are getting better and better every moment. Start looking for gifts and we will find them. We will see results. Others have. I have. We all have the same capability. Try it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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