Let Love Lead the Way

Ernest Holmes, a New Thought mystic, teacher and writer, wrote, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible.” We are all Love, so we must all be individual Cosmic Forces.

If we truly knew this and if we trusted the Power within us to accomplish all that Love is within our hearts, there would be nothing we could not do, or be, or have. We are not here to accumulate things, but, I believe we are here to be our true selves, to be more ourselves in every moment.

There is something within us that drives us to express ourselves. It is called the Divine Urge. It is God within us wanting to be known as us, to experience life as us in this incarnation. We each have this in a unique way. Ernest Holmes defines Love as the “self-givingness of Spirit through the desire of Life to express Itself in terms of creation.”

However, many times we hold this back. We can do this because we are always at choice. I believe this holding back is what causes disease within our bodies because it causes a self-imposed stress to live life in a way that is contrary to our Truth. Our suppression and stress shows up in a myriad of ways. The way to healing is revealing ourselves fully.

The only thing we can do in order to live fully-orbed lives is to live from the place of love. This would me following our Divine Urge as it leads us to express in new ways, as it leads us to express our passions and talents. The world is not necessarily set up this way, but who is in charge? If we continue to submit ourselves to outside forces, consciousness that our not ours and the opinion of others that will be our demonstration.

Let us let Love lead the way. Let us allow Law to make it possible. We can do this by surrendering right now to self-love, forgiveness in everything, and by remembering who we are: God expressing. My mentor has a vision at his Center. It is “Love only. Forgive everything. Remember who you are.”

If we were all to do this, can you imagine the world we would live in? However, we do not have to wait for everyone else. As Dr. Holmes challenged us, “One alone in consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.”

Why is this so? Because whatever we feel is felt everywhere. There are not two selves. There is only one and one is enough. So…let us each begin or continue…

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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