Once Upon a Time

Last night, we finished a TV series we’ve been watching for the last few years called “Once Upon a Time.” It’s a tale about all the fairy tale characters we know who live their lives at the same time in parallel Universes. There are many metaphysical messages in this series and that is why I have enjoyed it so much. Last night as it came to its conclusion in our livingroom, I reflected on its top messages for me:

1) We must allow people to change, including ourselves. No matter our past, we are new in every moment. Our choices might not have always been the best ones and we might have even done things that are horrendous, but in every new moment, we can let go, forgive, and become new again. We can make amends, but we do not have to punish ourselves over and over. It is our job in our spiritual evolution to move forward. Each step we take toward, letting go of the past, moves the planet forward at the same time. There is a ripple effect to every choice we make.

2) We have all the magic we need all the time but we’re just not aware of it. One of the themes in “Once Upon a Time” is people losing their magic power because of a spell or curse. Another word for spell in my book is being hypnotised into forgetting who you truly are. As soon as we remember who we are (Divine and Infinite Unlimted Potential) we have all the Power we require to do anything for our better and the good of the whole. The key message in the show and in life is “belief.” We lose our belief, we lose our Power.

3) Love is always the winner. It trumps everything. No matter what spell or curse or power that was taken away from the characters in this show, Love was the trump card. They called it True Love, but I’ll call it Real Love. It’s the Love that is totally so infused within us that when we recognize it, we lose all fear, defensiveness and need to prove ourselves.  “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible,” wrote Ernest Holmes. It was the times in the story when the character surrendered to love, that the contrary forces were stricken powerless. There is nothing that can fight love, and there is no opposite to it. There is only an absence of it.

When I let go of my past for the present moment, when I claim my power, and when I let Love guide my path, I am fulfilling my purpose in the most magnificent way. It might be a journey and there might be losses and triumphs along the way, but it is all worth it.

I thank the great writers of this show for bringing an important message to the world in such a creative and entertaining way. Good filmmaking speaks to us at all levels. I love the power of the media when used for such a noble purpose.

Love and Aloha,,

Rev. Rita


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