The Great Principle of Life

There is a quote by Ernest Holmes that really means a lot to me. It is this:

“Cannot the Great Principle of Life create for us all that we need? The Universe is inexhaustible; It is limitless, knows no bounds and has no confines. We are not depending on a reed shaken by the wind, but the Principle of Life Itself, for all that we have or ever shall need. It is not some power, or a great power, it is ALL POWER. All we have to do is to believe, never wavering, no matter what happens. As we do this, we shall find that things are steadily coming our way, and that they are coming without that awful effort which destroys the peace of mind of the majority of the race. We know that there can be no failure in God’s Mind, and this Mind is the Power on which we are depending.”
I love to read this and contemplate it and ask myself honestly do I really believe this. My answer would be yes most of the time. In the times that I am not conscious I can find myself in behavior that makes me realize that I am not acting like I believe this.
As always, I believe that it takes practice to live what we say we believe. It takes action to pull it out of the esoteric and into living. Principles are lofty ideas unless we actually take them down into the trenches with us.
We do not have to do it in big ways. In fact, it is better not to wait until the big shows up. It would be good for us to use the Principle now while we are experiencing a good day. When we wake up, if we could just start with the idea that something greater than our conditions is guiding and guarding and directing our path, answers would be there for us.
I know, for myself, when life events come up, sometimes, unconsciously, I find myself getting carried away with the event. I have to remind myself to stop, take a breath and do a Spiritual Mind Treatment. Treatment anchors me in Truth and focuses me. It shifts energy. The event shifts immediately, not necessarily because something changes right away, but because I’ve changed within the event. Things don’t look impossible anymore. Something I didn’t see before becomes obvious. Like I said, answers come.
The question is: do we believe that failure is possible or do we believe only in success. And, are we willing to look at success differently. Things do always work out, but sometimes they work out in a totally different way then we had planned.
I believe we have to be clear in our intentions for our life. We have to live from the already established premise that we are successful, but let go of how success looks. “This or better!” is a great mantra for me.
We have to be consistent in our reliance on Principle to bring us our answers. I think when Ernest says that things come “without that awful effort which destroys the peace of mind of the majority of the race,” it is because when we rely on Principle we realize that we are not doing all the work. In surrender, we can relax a bit We have a partner that only asks that we walk in faith, do our part and allow It to work through us.
Love and Aloha,
Rev. Rita

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