Are You Conscious?

I heard this from Deepak Chopra this morning and it really struck me, “By becoming more conscious, you make the creative process more efficient.” Of course, many of us know this on the theoretical level but are we taking it to a deeper level? Are we conscious? Conscious of what? Are we conscious of our true self, our Divine self? Do we take the time to commune with that self every day in meditation? Do we wait in the silence until contact is made, until we can feel it? It cannot be forced. It can only be awakened by the practice of receiving, letting down our guard and opening up. Sitting in the silence is a practice that we must all undertake if we really want to live a conscious life. Yes, when we are conscious we aid the creative process. When we are conscious, we ask and we do receive in the most amazing unexpected ways.

Being our true selves and bringing that true self to the world of experience is my journey. It’s one thing to sit in the silence; it is another to bring the silence to the activity of my day. However, if I take the time to practice, it becomes easier and easier.

If we wonder why we are not able to bring our desires for wholeness, health, prosperity and more to ourselves, it might be that we are trying to force them to us instead of just accepting them from right where we are. We might have reversed the process.

No matter what is going on in our lives becoming conscious of our true selves through the practice of sitting in the silence, meditating, contemplating high thoughts even for just a few minutes a day and then adding to that will start us on the road. We do not have to drink the whole glass of at once. Taking it step by step is enough.

As we continue to discipline ourselves to do this, it becomes a bliss-a-plin.


Rev. Rita

3 thoughts on “Are You Conscious?

  1. Rita, Deepak’s meditation today was inspiring. When I let go deeper into my Self, I am always amazed at the connection! So much that I become very emotional with tears of love for what I am feeling and experiencing. I also received enlightenment on how I might achieve a need to help Richard navigate better in the house. Wow! Thank you for recapping his meditations.


    1. I agree Joan. This is the best meditation series they had. They’ve taken Quantum Physics, which I’m studying and brought down to an understandable level. I’m excited for you.


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