Where Are You in the Conversation?

“The time will come when we will let our “conversation be in Heaven,” and refuse to talk about, read or think about, those things that ought not to be. But, someone will say, ‘Should we refuse to look at sickness, poverty and unhappiness?’ This is not what we are discussing. We will not refuse to help the helpless or lift up the fallen, but we will refuse to wallow in the mud because of our sympathies. ‘And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.’ Matt. 15:14

One of the most misunderstood things about our faith and philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit is that we are blind about reality and that we give ourselves false illusions of happiness and goodness in a world, refusing to acknowledge that things are really messed up. We are called the positive people living in an airy-fairy world.

Well, this is true and not true. We do focus on happiness and goodness, but we do not deny what is happening. We know that our mind is powerful and creative, and if we continue to look at what is wrong and ignore what is right, we will create more of the same.

There is a difference between finding the good and the gift in everything and denying what it is happening. We are about changing our perception of what is happening. We are about taking labels off of things, refusing to call things evil and good and instead call them experiences that bring growth and learning and expansion with them.

If you want to know why the world is the way it is, it is because the majority of us have believed in two powers instead of one power used incorrectly. The world is where it is today because enough of us have seen and thought about it this way and then acted accordingly. What I know is that things are at critical mass right now and things are changing and moving in a new direction. Don’t you feel it?

One way we can assist the world and each other is in our conversations. We can replace our habit of criticizing  and judging with instead giving each other something we can actually use. We can talk solutions instead of problems. We can throw out lines of encouragement instead of empathizing with every pain someone has. We can let go of gossip and complaints and turn them into discussions about what is going right. We can see each other as fellow journeyers on different paths all going to the same place. We can assist if asked and just let others alone when it is none of our business.

The more we focus on what we want and desire to be, and the more we can build the energy of love and conviction behind it, taking it into action, the more we will aid our planet.  What can you do? Throw me a line of encouragement, please. Tell me how perfect I am just as I am. Give me hope. Tell me about the good things that happened to you when I am having a hard time. Let me know there is a way out of what I am experiencing. Listen to me, but then give me a solution. Help me find myself and let me know how strong I am.

We are always at choice. The choice we have is in how we are going to respond to what is before us. Are we going to complain, label, judge and discourage ourselves or are we going to look at it and then know that there is a solution. Ernest Holmes once wrote that if information were in the deepest darkest part of the world and we needed it, it would find its way to us. There is always a solution. Love is here  beneath the rubble. Life is unfolding perfectly.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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