I Allow Myself to Dip Deeply into My Divine Nature

There is a beautiful meditation in the Science of Mind on page 559 called, “I Allow Myself to Dip Deeply into My Divine Nature.” I love everything it says and can feel that, yes, we must allow ourselves to dip deeply into our Divine Nature, especially in these times.

One of the challenges that the meditation brings is the idea that we cannot dip deeply into the Divine and still hold onto the things which do not belong there – lack, anger, judgment, fear, etc. “We cannot enter the Gate of Good with a sword in our hand.”

This is so logical. We cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. We cannot say we love, while we are holding back love. We cannot say we are rich, while we refuse to bless our bills, debtors and all of it. We must become single-minded.

Today, as Hurricane Lane has its way with Hawaii, I know that we are safe because I know that we can allow ourselves to dip deeply into our Divine Nature. We can hold the ground of peace and love and kindness. We can even love this Hurricane and bless it for bringing all the knowing for us that it brings. There is always a gift. Perhaps it is just to make us aware of how precious our lives are and to live them more fully. Dipping deeply into our Divine Nature will give each of us the answers we need in any situation.

In the past few weeks, I have encountered the death of people in my realm of awareness. I have encountered illness in those I love. I have witnessed unease, fear and lack. I have even felt some of these things. However, when I do, I know that the answers do not lie in ignoring the feelings. The answers lie in allowing myself to move into my Divine Nature and bringing that self to the feelings. The answers lie in stepping through the feelings into the realm of surrender to something greater that lies within me, that lies within us all, that always carries us through, gives us the answers we need, fulfills its promises.

This greater Power is our true Nature and it is always here. It only asks to be recognized. We don’t have to do anything to bring it on or keep it with us. It’s not here because we are “good people.” It is here because it is who we are. It never deserts us. It never leaves us. “Allow” is the operative word. We must allow it.

I know as we allow ourselves to dip deeply today into our Divine Nature, leaving behind everything that can’t move through that gateway, that clarity, peace and love is present.

As Dr. Holmes wrote, “We awake from the dream of fear to the vision of Reality, where there is no shadow of which to be afraid. we awake from the dream of lack and want and unhappiness to the knowledge of harmony, of abundance and of Peace.” And so it is!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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