Now What?

Well, Hurricane Lane has changed lanes and has passed us by and we are only experiencing some rain and some light winds. It is a beautiful day here on Kaua’i. So, now what?

I have learned a lot from Hurricane Lane, and it is good. One of the most interesting things, is about the waiting game. Once we were ready, we waited. Was it coming or wasn’t it? The uncertainty caused a deep anxiety in the people around me. I could feel it. It was a matter of being out of control. Once we were ready, there was nothing we could really do besides go on with business as usual. What were we waiting for? And, yet in a sense because schools and banks were closed it felt like a sort of holiday. We gave ourselves permission to take some deep breaths and get really contemplative about life. As I said, yesterday, I took a sabbatical day. How did I spend it? Reading, writing and relaxing with my husband. Once I surrendered to the waiting and let it be everything became easier.

The other thing I learned about was my extreme faith. I knew that even if the Hurricane were to make landfall here, I wasn’t worried. I knew I was safe. I felt that same when we had the missile alert last January. No matter what was to happen, I was okay, even if I were to die. It’s interesting how when faced with true danger this is the place I reside. However, at other times, I can conjure up fears about things. Maybe it come back to surrender. Once I surrender, I am in a greater state of faith and trust.

I also learned about kindness and people’s willingness to help and assist. Even Verizon let us know that they were giving us unlimited, talk, text and data for a period of a few days. The whole experience gave me a kindness jolt. I want to be more kind everyday. It’s so easy and doesn’t cost a thing. Living in a place of kindness is a deep healing power to the giver and the receiver.

Lastly and most importantly, I have developed even more faith in the Power of Prayer. When so many people come together in peace and solidarity, shift happens. It was the outpouring of love through prayer that made all the difference in the world, even to those who are still be affected by Hurricane Lane. Prayer sends in reinforcements and powers us to know we are up to whatever is in front of us.

Sometimes, I think we are under the misunderstanding that prayers are answered in the exact way that we want. I have learned that prayers are answered in the exact we require in that moment and in the perfect time. Our prayers are always answered for our highest outcome. Divine right action is always in place. This I know for myself and for all of us that pray for others and ourselves. Praying is not begging. It is opening up to the flow of Source/Love through our experiences, making everything right. When we pray in a peaceful manner, we receive a peaceful answer. What are we bringing to our prayers? That is our answer.

So, the path of Lane has set a path in my life to a greater understanding of myself and of others. I am grateful to be safe. I am grateful for all the prayers and people who have come together to hold the Consciousness of Light and Love during this time. Now What? That’s a good question for all of us to answer.

Deep Mahalo,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Now What?

  1. I do know our prayers are never answered in the way we expect. We must remember that prayer can be a waiting game or baby step game. There is always something to be learned in this prayer game šŸ˜‡


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