A Lesson in What Could Have Been a Hurricane

What if the only button we had to press in any situation in front of us was Trust and Faith. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned during this past week, as we’ve waited, watched, anticipated and finally let go of Hurricane Lane.

There was so much waiting and so much angst that even though I didn’t want to feel it, I was picking up on the energy. It was my energy. Then I remembered the words of Rev. Georgia Prescott. I might not be responsible for my first thought, but I am responsible for the thoughts that come after. I do have the choice as to whether I buy into the thoughts and feelings of those around me and the media or whether I dip deeply into what I know I truly believe and hold onto that.

Trust and Faith were my friends this week. The only way I could get to their button was by surrendering. I had to surrender what I thought I knew and everything the world was telling me into a higher Law that brings everything into perfect unfoldment.

I have an affirmation and it is this: “My life is unfolding perfectly.” If I am ever in the midst of anything, I remember this. My life has to be unfolding perfectly because it is always led, guided, guarded and protected by the greatest Power that ever was and ever will be. I’m up for it all, not because I can do everything, but because if I have trust and faith and surrender to this Higher Intelligence, it does the work for me that I cannot do.

For example, I was ready for the Hurricane in the physical sense. I did all the preparations. That’s when I had to turn it over. I did my part, and the Universe takes it the rest of the way. This is true for all of life. We do what is ours to do and then let the Universe do its part. However, the only way to allow that is to surrender to it and to have trust and faith. We had to stop going in and meddling with what is not ours to do. Things like trying to figure out the outcome and how it will happen or manipulating people and circumstances to fit our desires. We must do our part and then surrender to trust and faith.

So, those are my reflections today in the aftermath of the would have been Hurricane Lane. Have a beautiful Sunday. Perhaps I’ll see you at CSL Kaua’i.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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