One Perfect Life

Last night we had a healing circle at our Center again. I love these healing circles. The feeling of Love that permeates the evening is palpable. It, of course, is never about healing anything. It is about revealing our Divinity to ourselves.

There is a statement of Ernest Holmes that I always love to use for myself and for others. It is: “There is one Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life now!” I use this statement whenever I am feeling less than whole. I use it my treatments for others, too. It brings me to a place of feeling that unity with the one Life that I believe is the only way to “healing.”

It brings me to the idea of perfection. There is only one Life. It is Perfect. That Life is my Life now and yours. What is perfection? Does it mean that there is nothing “wrong” either mentally, physically or emotionally? How can we use the word perfection when so many things seem wrong? This is the whole point. If there were not an energy that were already perfect, there would be nothing we could do to make it so.

The Energy of Life is perfect. If it weren’t, how would everything in the Universe stay so balanced. Look at Nature if you want to witness perfection. Perfection is another word for Wholeness. It is another word for harmony, order, and balance. Life is Harmonious.

So if life is harmonious, then how do things get so seemingly out of balance? I have only one answer. We allow the world of matter to rule us. We allow it to show us who we are and it is always showing us that we are less than what we think perfection is.

However, what if we were to turn it around. What if everything that were occurring was bringing us back to wholeness? What if when we became out of alignment, everything in the Universe was bringing us back to alignment? What if every twinge or pain or emotional upset were there to reveal this truth to us? What if we were to listen and respond from a place of accepting wholeness?

We can continue to seek and believe in outside forces healing us or we can realize that everything within us is healing us. The outside forces can be part of that, but the real healer is within. Until we consciously join forces with that healer and surrender ourselves to It, we will either have temporary cures or perhaps no cure at all.

There was a women and many like her in the 19th and early 20th Century. Her name was Malinda Cramer. She was one of the founders of Divine Science. She had a debilitating disease that was named incurable until she turned within to this Power I am talking about. There  is a man in the 21st Century. His name is Joe Dispenza. He works in the quantum field. He called upon this same Power as Malinda when he was stricken with a debilitating injury. He knew there was a Power that made his body and could heal it. There have been many like both these people, including you and me. We are healing in every moment. Just think about how our physical bodies work in this environment. We are always being brought back to wholeness and alignment.

There is only one Life. It is God’s Life. It is Perfect. It is here within each of us now. Whether we want emotional, mental or physical healing, it is with this field of Perfection and unlimited potential and possibility that has never been touched by anything, that creates from itself new in every moment, that we can join forces and get up and walk.

One Perfect Life is all there is. It is ours to accept and allow. It begins in the Center of our Heart and is propelled by Love and Gratitude.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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