Hocus Pocus or Focus!

We are focusing on magic this month at Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i here in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s been a wonderful month already and we are only one week into it. I think when people think of magic, they think of something that perhaps is going to save them or give them power they think they do not have. They think that something on the outside is done to them that will change an outcome. Perhaps, it just makes us feel that there is a possibility for something better than what we are experiencing and we actually have the power to bring it forth.

I believe that magic is so much more than this. It is not something that we do. It is who we are. If we want proof, just witness our own bodies and what they do on a daily basis to keep us aligned and moving in space and time. There is the real essence of who we are working 24/7 behind the scenes. This is magical to me. It is miraculous, which is another word for magical.

So, what if we are magical? Now what?  There is really nothing we can change about it, but we can use it by being totally conscious of our magical selves and directing our experiences from that place. Or, we can continue to argue for our limitations and just move through life in defeat or experiencing the status quo.

There is a phrase that fits this idea of arguing for our limitations perfectly. It is “hocus pocus.” The definition is: “meaningless talk or activity, often designed to draw attention.  away from and disguise what is actually happening.” Many times on a daily basis, we are focused on conversation and engaging in conversation that has nothing to do with what is actually happening. We use it to cover up our feelings or to avoid truly getting to know others or to reveal our true selves.

An example of hocus pocus would be something like this: Someone tells you “there is a Power for Good in the Universe greater than you are and you can use it.” They go on to tell you that everyone has this power and can use it on purpose. Now, here is your hocus pocus incantation, “Yeah, but…what about the Holocaust?” Or, you say, “I’m sick right now and I do not feel very powerful.” You continue to argue about all the reasons why it is not possible that there is this Power. Pretty soon, you believe your words (hocus pocus) and you haven’t even given this powerful idea a chance.

How many times in our lives do we distract ourselves by arguing for our limitations or hocus pocus. We’d be surprised.

So, here is the solution to this limiting way of thinking about life. How about the idea of consciously focusing on what you would like to have happen in your life? How about focusing on what you would like to feel and the things that fill you with passion and excitement. How about leaving behind the past and things that have already happened. You can’t change them, only your relationship to them. How about focusing on gratitude and appreciation for all the magic that shows up in your life on a daily basis, whether it be something as simple as a billboard you read that gave you a moment of hope or a phone call from someone or even a smile that came at just the right time. When we start recognizing the magic moments, more show up. It’s the Law of Attraction, just as sure as gravity.

Hocus pocus or focus…it is our choice. One will bring more reasons to argue and the other will bring a powerful, purpose-filled, passionate life. It’s always our choice.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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