Turning it Over

It is day three in the adventure with our car. There are many details that I could go into, but the story is not necessary. To cut to the chase (as they say in film writing), we still do not have our car and there are many details, including insurance ones that we are tending to.

I am not a victim and I take full responsibility for my part in this adventure and all the people and experiences I have attracted and continue to attract, which have been varied. I am focusing on those who are helpful and hold my highest good. Everything else can fall into the nothingness from which it came with love.

So, here is where I am at today, I’ve done all I can and it is time to turn it over. What does this look like? When you get to a point in your story, where you’ve done everything you possibly can in the world of form or relative world, it’s time to turn it over to that Power greater than you are with the clear intent of resolution, fairness, and most of all love.

Does this mean that we do not do anything, kick back and watch our favorite T.V. show while enjoying a beer. Sometimes; and, sometimes, it means listening for our next prompt of what is ours to do. But, what it isn’t, is going in and trying to figure out all the whys and wherefores, casting blame on everyone and everything, complaining and feeling unjustly treated. The Universe has ears that listen to our feelings. This is the sure way to get more of the same.

The Universe is always conspiring for our highest good. When we turn our situation, whatever it may be, over to the Law of our Being, what we are doing is surrendering the outcome to an Intelligence that works through us that is greater than our finite mind. There is Power greater than we are that we can use. It requires our faith in it and it requires that we get out of its way. We have no idea how things will come to us. As Dr. Holmes once wrote, “…if that piece information were in the deepest darkest part of the world…it would find its way to us.”

Can we believe that we live in an Intelligent system of Love and Law that we are using on a continuous basis. The clearer we get on this and the clearer and most loving our choices are, the more we will live in a state of ease and grace no matter what is occurring. We walk with the feet of the Divine wherever we go.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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