We Are Never Lost

There is a Divine Spark within each of us which as Browning wrote, we “may desecrate but never lose.”

Usually, people who come to me for spiritual counseling sessions are at low points in their lives. They feel trapped. They feel they have no choices. They feel there is no way out of their current experience. I’ve felt that way at numerous times in my life.

I remember one particular time when I was at a low point in the area of my career. I felt trapped in my job, thinking I had to stay there because of money. I was miserable. I knew I had to move on, but couldn’t. A fellow practitioner friend of mine pulled me aside and gave a Spiritual Mind Treatment for “freedom.” My life shifted in that moment, not because I went out and quit my current job, but because he’d caught the Divine spark within me that I might have been desecrating with my thoughts of entrapment and told the truth about me. Soon after, I found myself in the vocation we I truly belonged.

This what our Spiritual Practitioners do. Working in the unseen, they fan the Divine spark that has never gone out until we can feel it ourselves. Ernest wholes wrote, “The time has come in our evolution when we should awaken to the recognition that behind each one stands the Eternal Mind that each has complete access to It, that each may come to It for inspiration and revelation – and that surrounding all is a Divine Law obeying the dictates of the Eternal Mind.

We are never lost, no matter how dark our storm my seem. There is a Power within each of us that is just waiting for our recognition of it. When we tumble into the darkness or go their eye-wide-open, it is still there. When we make choices that might not serve our best interest, it is still there.  When we think there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, it is still there. It is greater than any situation we find ourselves in and it never gives up on us, because it is the Eternal self, the one that is forever expanding.

What does it mean when I say it is waiting for our recognition of It? Well, for me, it is a matter of surrender. For me, it is coming to accept myself as part of something greater than where I am and knowing that I can move forward from that place by walking as if I know even when I don’t totally know. It is trusting the unknown. It is a matter of faith and belief and then actually living from that place. It’s about not trying to figure it all out, but just taking a deep breath and diving deep within. The Power meets us as we turn to It. This is assured.

Sometimes it gets so dark, we just can’t find the Light switch. If we find ourselves in those times, that is the time to reach out for help. However, realize that we are the ones that have to be willing to make the change we want. It is our choice. We have the opportunity now to transform our lives by choice.

Whoever you are and whatever you think you’ve done, you are still the Light. Right now, you have the opportunity to trust that Light and let It walk you out of darkness. The right people are appearing, the path is made clear. You have everything you require because of this Power that works through you. Give It a chance. It’s not outside of you and you do not have to beg It. It is your very breath and as close as the beating of your heart.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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