What is the meaning of out-of-the-box thinking?  I’m sure we are familiar with the term. I love this definition I found this morning. ” Idea generation or problem solving that is not constrained by self-imposed limits or conventional barriers. Being free or breakthrough thinking, it creates new paradigms and explores non-logical and uncommon ways and solutions.”
It is obvious if we look back on history that the times that great changes took place or inventions came forth, or great men and women brought new ways of thinking to us, they were most definitely out-of-the-box of their times.
I believe we are definitely ready for some out-of-the-box thinking right now. In fact, great thinkers are coming forth and opening our minds with new ideas and problem solving that is not constrained by self-imposed limits.
I am one of those people and so are those of us who practice the Science of Mind and Spirit. It is our intention and life-long state of being to live out-of-the-box jump out of the consciousness of limitation and lack and to unite our minds, hearts and soul with Divinity. We are awake and we know that there is something greater than what we see as fact. We know that thought is more powerful than material resistance. We understand that we are causing effect. We are learning to step into our Power and to use the Laws of the Universe for Good. We understand that everything is crumbling right is revealing this greater state of being. There are many jumping out of their boxes in all faiths, philosophies, sciences and more.
When I am thinking out-of-the-box and living from that place,  I am in total trust of the Power that is greater than my finite mind to walk me through life. I am in total trust and faith right here in the now.
I found this beautiful passage in the Science of Mind this morning that tells of the great gifts of living and breathing an out-of-the-box life.
Have no fear of tomorrow; enjoy today. Refuse to carry the corpse of a mistaken yesterday. What untold misery is suffered through the burdens imposed by our yesterdays and the bitter prospects of our tomorrows.! The good of the present day is too often sandwiched between these two impossible situations. The day in which we live is sufficient. We are to live today as thought God were in Its Heaven, while all is well with our souls.”
This would definitely be an out-of-the-box way of living. I have always believed that true peace, true creativity, true living comes in the present moment. When I can live in that place fully alive and open to the unlimited possibilities that this moment brings, I am in eternity.
It takes time and practice to live this way, but it is so worth it. It is a glorious adventure to expand one’s consciousness, to let go of the past, to bring our full attention here. It is a journey and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to embark on it or at least give it a try.  The old ways are not working. They have never worked, in fact. They’ve always brought us back to the same place. Living in war, destroying our planet, suffering from disease and poverty.
All the information we require is already here. The mystics have related it to us over and over. Well, it’s our turn now. How much longer can we talk about what Jesus did or Moses or Martin Luther King or Gandhi or any other great thinker. We are the ones. It’s already been proven, but we have to prove it for ourselves. We can. I know we can.
Let us all jump out of our own self-made boxes today and do just one little thing differently. We will be rewarded for our efforts with just a little more peace of mind and a little more knowing. We will expand from there as we continue to jump out of the next box and the next.  Getting out of our boxes is a choice!
Love and Aloha,
Rev. Rita

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