What If…

I met a person who told me he now realizes that he’d created torment for himself throughout his life by thinking through the lens of “What if…the worst outcome”. He is now ready to shift and let go of those horrible doom-filled  what ifs.

I’m sure many of us are familiar with this consciousness. We are constantly second-guessing everything and everyone. We play out all the different scenarios of our life and what could occur or might not occur. Usually, it is not in our favor. We are always in the future. We dream of various outcomes that we do not wish to experience, but which seem very real to us. What if we lose our retirement? What if our spouse decides to leave? What if there is a war? What if this hurricane hits us? What if we never get a job? What if…what if…what if… . The list of what ifs is personal and varied. Yes, I am sure there are some of us who have positive “what if” lists. That is great. So, let’s move into that now.

What if everything does work out? If fact, what if it has already worked out? What if there is a solution for everything? What if, in fact, it has already been resolved? What if the Universe is always conspiring in our favor? What if today was the most amazing day of our lives, and we were greeted with love and joy everywhere we went, not because we were looking for it on the outside, but because that was our very essence? What if we never had to worry about another thing again, because we knew that we were always supplied and taken care of?

Those who have created change in this world lived in the consciousness of what ifs that were solution oriented. What if we could fly? What if there were something to light our way besides candles and oil lamps? What if a peaceful movement were possible? What if an African-American person could become President? What if women could vote These things would never have happened if these persons and many others lived their lives in the lower realm of impossibility or negative outcomes. Was it easy? No, it took perseverance and tremendous belief.

This is what I know about life. I know that things are always working out. I know that the Loving Intelligence that works through you and me is always finding the right answer to everything. I know that in the darkness, there is always a light. I know that life is good. I know that there are unlimited possibilities and scenarios for every situation. I know that the ones that I focus on are the ones I experience.

They now know that energy changes when we observe it. It’s a scientific fact. It is our observation and perceptions that create our experiences. We can choose to look at our experiences as blessings or curses. The more we can observe the good of life, the more things begin to shift. We are alchemists and we can refine everything experience to gold. The question is do we choose to live in the lower realms of lack, anger, fear and judgement, or do we want to move ourselves up into the higher realms of faith, trust, love, gratitude?

It does take practice. We are re-wiring ourselves. In fact, I think this whole planet is doing its best from near and far to re-wire itself. What if, we are lifted up right now? What if everything that is happening on this planet is creating the greatest and most amazing shift that has happened in eons? What if we are all on the brink of shift into our highest selves? What if it has already happened? If we really look at all of life deeply with new eyes, we might be surprised what really appears in what we thought we always saw and knew. What if everything were a miracle?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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