Are We Willing to…

Some of you know that I love the BBC show “The Adventures of Merlin.” Last night, Camelot seemed to be lost. It didn’t look like there was anyway out of their dilemma. It was theie last moments, so they thought. Then something happened. Arthur proclaimed that all might be lost, but they were not lost and they would fight until the end. There was a renewed sense in their energy because they knew that what they were fighting for was worth more than their mortal lives. When asked to succumb to the evil; they would rather die in their truth.

I bring this up because I wonder how firm we are in our beliefs. Would we die for our truth?  I’m not advocating martyrdom, but there is another way to look at this. When all seems to come at us in the world of form, are we willing to surrender to something we cannot see that is better than what we see? Are we willing to die to our old selves to reclaim something we are not sure of? Something unseen that we can only sense? Something that we know is greater than what we are experiencing, but it isn’t here yet in form? Are we willing to keep persevering until the light appears? Are we willing to sit in darkness as light, knowing that as we do, the darkness dissipates. REally, are we willing to believe?

I know, for myself, that I am willing to die to my limited self in order to live the new, even though I can’t see it yet. I am willing to keep (not fighting) but persevering in what I know is possible. If the answers to our prayers were not possible, we would not have the capability to dream them. Yes, because we can conceive them as a possibility means they must already be here.  The Laws of electricity didn’t just appear. They were already here. We had to discover them. That is what we are doing right now. We are the great discoverers and bringers forth of a new order.

Can we know that we know and finally say to ourselves and really mean it “I will die that I might be born again.” Are we willing, like Arthur Pendragon (but in a metaphorical sense) die to evil (lack, limitation, fear) in order to bring in the new order? Can we trust the unseen and believe enough, persevering no matter what, knowing the shift is here? Can we love more in every moment in the midst of anger and hatred? Yes, I believe we can and that we are. I am grateful to be in the midst of the greatness of you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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