It’s Already Here

Both in Science of Mind and Spirit and in the practice of Quantum Physics we understand that there must be an embodiment of the thing or experience that we wish to manifest. Ernest Holmes wrote, “…we must sense the embodiment of that which we wish to experience. The statements which are made in the treatment are for the purpose of delivering to the imagination, in a certain form, THAT WHICH WAS TRUE BEFORE WE MADE THE STATEMENTS.”  He goes on to say that we are not creating anything, but we are giving direction to the Energy Source which is ever creating anew. Quantum Physics calls it being in the Unified Field of unlimited possibility. We, in Science of Mind, call this turning to the Absolute.

So, simply put, we must turn away from our problems and feel now what it is to have the experience we desire, whether it is perfect health, more financial abundance, the perfect loving relationship, or a life expressing our highest self. We must feel it first and walk as if it were already true. This is not denying what is in front of us, it is lifting us out of it into a new life.

This makes scientific and spiritual sense to me because I know that I am either drawing things toward me or pushing them away. If I stay in a state of insufficiency what else can I expect but more insufficiency.  I am responsible for creating an energy field that is attracting the life I want to experience.

In my own life, I find that GRATITUDE is the most powerful state of being. It puts me in a state of acceptance, peace of mind, love and the deep knowing that I am always taken care of. It makes my cells dance in joy for something I cannot see, but with gratitude I can feel it. It’s like being in a state of expectancy with an assurance that all is well. Yes, I believe that the state of gratitude in advance for our desires, dreams, aspirations and more puts us in the field of allowing and acceptance.

Some might argue that it is impossible to feel gratitude when you are sick or in pain or your bank account is empty. I say, if you cannot imagine the new life and also be grateful for it and for what you have now, how will you ever achieve it. If we are ungrateful, we stay in a state of negativity, attracting more of the same.

If you cannot make your new life real to yourself even for a few minutes a day how will you know what it is when it does arrive in manifestation?  You might miss it or the numerous opportunities that present themselves to you. You become blind and stuck in your old self and old habits.

So, here is the good thing about all of this. We get to make a big experiment and try this idea out. We have all the tools within us to make the experiment. I know it is an experiment that cannot fail. Life will become easier, less stress-filled, more peaceful and we will let go of that terrible burden of thinking we have to do it all ourselves. When we let go and surrender to a Power greater than we are, miracles become daily life.

So, let us elevate our emotions today and leave the ones that aren’t serving us behind. Let us trust the Divine in us and give thanks in advance for all the Good we have right now. It’s already here.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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