Your Word IS Your Wand

Florence Scovel Shinn, one of the New Thought authors of the 20th Century wrote: “Man’s word is his wand filled with magic and power! Jesus Christ emphasized the power of the word; ‘By thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned,” and “death and life are in the power of the tongue.’ So man has power to change an unhappy condition by waving over it the wand of his word. In the place of sorrow appears joy, in the place of sickness appears health, in the place of lack appears plenty.”

It seems like it should be quite simple, but there is a second part to this. We have to believe our word has power. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Believe your word has Power unto the thing which it is spoken.”

What is meant by “Power” and “what “thing” is he talking about. Well, the Power would be our belief and conviction in our Word moving into the Thing which is the Law of our Being that creates the experience. It is the Law of Attraction 101. We do not make things happen, but we do speak them into action. We are what we contemplate, the atmosphere that surrounds us, and the things that we talk about all day long. In short, we are what we feel strongly about and focus on.

I am in the process of committing to not complaining. There are no loop holes. You simply must not entertain a complaint about anything. In only one day, I can feel the shift. There are definitely quiet times because I find I have nothing to say. This is an eye-opener for sure. As I’m quiet, I’m contemplating what I could talk about that would be positive. Wow! What happens is I end up moving into a creative space and I think of all the new ideas that might be brewing. When it’s about complaining about another, I begin, instead, to have more compassion and understanding. I can feel myself energizing the experience with love.

My word is my wand and I have proven it throughout my life. The times I’ve felt helpless and victimized and didn’t mind talking about it, I was swimming in a sea of one victimized experience after another. The times when I was excited about life and didn’t mind talking about it, more good came toward me.  The challenge is the ability to persevere.

Yes, my word is my wand. My thoughts are my wand. My belief is my wand. I can wave it over any situation and shift the situation by shifting my attention from what’s wrong to what’s right. If someone is sick or suffering, I can speak my word of health for them. That’s what practitioners do. If I find myself in unpleasant circumstances, I can surrender and trust in something greater than myself to carry me through and center in that and speak about that.

Emma Curtis Hopkins the 19th/20th Century healer once wrote, “I think it. I write it. I speak it. I live it.” Yes, it is more than words; we must live them, too. But, if we can begin with words, perhaps we will find more reasons why the words are true.

In the early 1900’s, Florence Shinn wrote, “Fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, resentment pull down the cells of the body, shock the nervous system and are the causes of disease and disaster.” We are now proving this in Quantum Physics, the New Science. If we truly know this is true, all the more reason to begin to shift our lives with new words, new thoughts, and brand new living.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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