A Complaint Free World

I’ve tried it many times and for the most part I consider myself a positive person. I do look at the best side of every situation…and yet… Friday, I took the challenge to let go of all complaining for 21 days. We enrolled in a program birthed by Will Bowen, where you are given a simple bracelet to work with. Every time you find yourself complaining you move the bracelet to the other wrist and begin at Day 1. The goal is to get through 21 days with no complaining at all. I began Friday and I am still on Day 1. Will Bowen says it took him four months to complete the 21 days and his life was changed forever.

What is complaining? Anytime you are talking or thinking about something focused on the problem and not the solution. I decided to start over this morning when I realized that a conversation that my husband and I had last night before going to bed was a form of complaining, even though in the moment I might have been in denial. Really, we cannot fool ourselves in this complaint free challenge.

I want to experience big and beautiful things in my life. I want to unleash all my creativity and accomplish so much before I leave this realm. This is the main reason I’ve accepted this challenge. I have already realized that when I release complaining my mind is freed for creative ideas to come through me. I am more compassionate. I have more understanding. I feel more open to my intuition. The list goes on.

Many of us might think it is no big deal. That it is okay to vent and tell our stories. Really, it isn’t a big deal, but the question is, how much do you want solutions in your life instead of creating more reasons to complain. Complaining doesn’t move my life forward. Accepting that there are solutions for everything does. Yesterday, I wrote about my word having Power. If I truly believe that, then why would I use my power by listing my complaints?

I believe that we have come to a time in our evolution when we are consciously choosing how we want to live, what we want to experience. I believe we are stepping into our true power, which is Love. I believe we are realizing that we are powerful and we can make a difference by being our true selves. I believe more of us are seeking true happiness.

A complaint free world heals. It is healing my life already, as it is making me more aware of true compassion. It is unleashing my tongue from its automatic response that can be hurtful first to myself and at the same time to others. Things that I thought were trivial and funny, I am now beginning to realize are not trivial. Words are important. They have power.

If the way I use my mind is felt everywhere, then I can’t think of a better challenge than this one. “No complaining!” As Emma Curtis Hopkins said, “Praise everything!” Is it possible? Yes, I believe it is.

Now, please do not confuse this with allowing others to treat you poorly while you stand idly by. It’s okay to ask them to express elsewhere and to remove yourself from hurtful experiences. Just don’t complain about it. I think you know what I mean. Oh, and if you choose to take the challenge, remember it’s your challenge. I tried monitoring my husband. That doesn’t work. We are each our own monitors. It’s more peaceful that way.

Anyway, I will check in with you and let you know how I am doing. Here’s to a world filled with peace and uplifting thoughts and actions, as we release complaining.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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