I Believe I Can Use IT

Well, today after working on Day 1 of living in a “Complaint Free World” since Friday, I made it to Day 2. What have I found? I am so much happier, freer, more creative and feel even more possibilities in life. I’ve had plenty of opportunities in which I would have previously spent complaining; but, practicing this, has given me a different perspective on those opportunities. I am finding myself more compassionate and loving. I will check in again as I proceed, but I would like to talk about something else today. It is our ability to believe that we have Unlimited Spiritual Power versus our belief in our ability to use it.

My husband brought this up in his talk yesterday at CSL Kaua’i. We say we believe we have the Power. When I use the word Power, I am talking about the Power of Spirit to create our experiences as we desire. There is a difference between believing we have the Power and believing we can actually use it. Believing we can use it would mean we would be spending our time consciously using it because we knew it was working for us. We wouldn’t be spending our time complaining if we truly believed we were using the Power. We wouldn’t say half the things we say to ourselves if we believed we were using the Power. What will it take to believe we can use the Power?

Well, first we must understand it. We must understand the Laws of the Universe. We must understand that there is an energy field surrounding us and within us that is constantly forming the new from itself, and that it is respondent to our thoughts backed with emotion. We would have to understand that this is a fact, not just a supposition. It has already been proven, not just by the mystics, but by Science itself. We would also have to understand that this energy is sensitive to our feelings not just our words. It responds to what we feel strongly about. If we do not take the time to understand this first theoretically, we would have no idea what we are working with.

Next, we would have to start working with it. With a clear intention and leaving happenstance and luck behind, we would have to begin to practice consciously thinking of the life we want to experience. We would have to act as if it were already so even though it isn’t here yet. This would include leaving the past behind. Carrying the burden of how things worked out in the past with us gives us more past, making a new experience impossible.

Next, while working on embodying the feeling of our desire, we would have to look for what we want to see. We would have to look at everything that occurs after we have placed our faith in our power as an answer to our prayer. Look for the good. Look for the gift. Look for the blessing. Look for the answer.

Next and most importantly, we would have to let go of how we think things will occur. We would have to step out of control, stay focused on our intention, while realizing that we are not doing the work. We would have to relinquish our control of circumstances to a greater consciousness that we are swimming in that makes things so. We become the magnets of our desired experience. The greater consciousness that I call Law is the organizer of the how it manifests. It gathers the information, the people, the circumstances that seem to us to be miracles and synchronicity.

These are the steps that have worked for me and I continue to work them in a greater way. Creating an atmosphere where I praise everything and remain neutral instead of complaining is greatly assisting me in going deeper into the use of this Power that I called Spirit/God. I believe I can use it for my good and the good of the whole. I invite you to join me in this great experiment of the Science of Mind and Spirit or what we today call Quantum Physics.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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