There is One New Life

Today is a new day. It is a new life right now. Can you accept that? Today, before we got out of bed, we did a treatment for our new day, knowing everything as unfolding perfectly. I rose from bed with the expectation that I would go running. In an instant, I knew that would be impossible. It is pouring out.

The day is unfolding perfectly. That is what I claimed, so it must be. Instead of complaining about not getting my way and my plans being ruined. I made a new decision and here I am writing this blog. I am flexible and new in the moment. Does it mean I never get what I want? No I always get what I want and can accept. I claimed and embodied a perfectly unfolding day, so I believe that is what I am getting.

In every moment, we can claim a new life. If it is possible to let go of the old and stay present, we can experience the new in every moment. If we can surrender our outcomes to a greater mind, we can live fully and new in every moment.

Yesterday, I told you I was moving into day 2 of my complaint free world. Well, I moved back into day 1, because of a recurring thought that came up. I am finally ready to release it and start anew. Perhaps, I am tougher on myself than I need to be, but I am really taking this seriously. However, instead of getting all upset at myself and belittling myself for falling off the complaint-free wagon. I merely started all over. I am new right now without a past of mistakes, resentments and regrets.

Why carry the burden of yesterday? It’s very heavy. It doesn’t assist us. In fact, it is our biggest detriment. If we want a new life, then we have to live a new life. It might not be easy for some of us with lots of baggage we’ve been collecting for years, but I know it is possible. It is more than possible.  We can make the amends necessary while still loving ourselves and moving forward.

In invite us all to take a breath today and claim a new day. Wipe the tears and regrets of yesterday from our eyes and realize that the one Life, the one Divine Love doesn’t remember anything of that. It is only here and now. It is Love and it is waiting to reveal Itself through each of us in the most magnificent way.

There is no such thing as karma in the sense that we must punish ourselves for lifetimes. The only karma there is is that which we decide to hold on to. We are new in every moment, because we can choose again in every moment. Have a new thought and live from that place, and have a new life right now.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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