The Ocean in a Drop – Wholeness

Last night, we had the fourth of our Science of Mind Foundations Series. The subject was “Wholeness.” I knew and claimed before we started that this was a pivotal night, that this was the night that we would set the roots of the very essence of the Science of Mind  teaching. I knew how important it was not to find loop holes in the truth or to argue for our limitations on this important night.

This Universe and our very essence is grounded in wholeness. Whatever is happening in experience, is just that – an experience. It is not the totality of who we are. Rumi put it this way, “We are not a drop in the ocean. We are an ocean in a drop.” Can we comprehend what this truly means? If God is all there is, and I believe this, then all of God is right where we are. Harmony, balance, order, wholeness is who we are.

So, why do we get sick? Why do we suffer? Why do things seem to happen randomly. Now here is where the falsity about our teaching comes in. By saying we have not truly realized our wholeness, we are saying that we made ourselves sick. This is not the truth of our teaching.  The Truth of our teaching is that no matter what our experience may be, we are still wholeness. Our only course of action at those times is to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. To go deep within ourselves and allow Love, our true Nature, to reveal itself. We are not being punished. We are not bad. We are Love and we have just forgotten.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, that the world would soon understand that it had learned all it could from suffering. On that day, which is every day, as far as I am concerned, we have the opportunity to let go of suffering by forgiving, loving and remembering who we are.

God has never left us for one instant no matter what we are experiencing. It is right here – right where the pain is – right where the loss is – right where emptiness seems to be. Like someone said in class last night, the sun is always shining. We might be walking around like we do not see it, but it is here. We can remove the clouds and reveal what we have forgotten right now. We are wholeness, the ocean in the drop. If it weren’t so, we couldn’t exist for one moment. We are the healed and the healer. It’s all here right where we are.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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