Make a Difference Day

“Make a difference Day was established to help encourage us to take one day a year to try to make a difference in the world. History of Make a Difference Day Originally created in 1992 by USA Weekend magazine…”

Make a Difference Day is today, the 4th Saturday in October. We are on our way to Lydgate Park to take part in the clean up there to celebrate Make a Difference Day. It’s our way of making a difference today.

However, I’m wondering why we have to designate one day of a year for this when everyday is make a difference day. Each of our presences on this planet make a difference. The question is what kind of difference do we make? We have a choice. We can make a positive difference or a negative difference. Each one is a difference and each one has its impact on our lives and the lives of others. There is always a ripple effect. We can see the difference we make one way or another ripple out into the world. Let us be conscious difference makers.

Today, on Make a Difference Day, let us center our awareness on the difference we are making not just today, but every day. Do not underestimate the difference you make just by being you, giving your gifts or holding them back. You are always at choice. There is a Law of Circulation that goes round and round. We are each experiencing it. Be mindful of the difference you make today, expand that difference in goodness and love and watch your world respond.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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