Experience is My Teacher

In the midst of loss of any kind, we might come to think and then believe that life is cruel and hopeless and filled with pain. For me, this is so far from the truth.

I am grateful to know that everything that happens in my life happens through me and for me. I am grateful to know that life is filled with experiences that come and go. I am grateful to know that whatever is in front of me I am up for it. I might not understand it at the time. I might resist and kick and scream at the experiences, but what I know is that after all of my reactions have subsided, there will be something born within me that will bring everything to a peaceful place. It will take time or it could happen suddenly. I will ride the storm of time.

I don’t blame myself for the sad and difficult times in my life. I did not create them. Many people think that is what we are saying in our philosophy and faith called the Science of Mind and Spirit. No, that is not what we believe.

We understand our appointments with life’s experiences are Divine appointments that have something for us or they would not be here. We understand them as part of our spiritual evolution. They calls from the within. We know that they are opportunities to deepen our understanding and love. We allow ourselves to sit with our pain, knowing that there is a bottom even though the bottom is falling out. We understand that we can take all the time we need to process whatever it is we are processing. There is no time limit or correct amount of time. We might even give up hope for a moment, but something always comes forward to bring hope back. I call it Grace.

Grace is the place of heart that holds us when we can’t get there ourselves. Grace is the answer to the prayer we do not even know we are praying.

I rely on knowing that I do not know, but that all will be made known in time. I respect and honor all of us who travel this rocky path called life. It’s rocky but it is beautiful in all its facets. Beauty is not about how things look when they are artificially perfect. Beauty is a rough stone that is accepted for what it is no matter what it is.

These are some of the things I am thinking today and processing. Love surrounds all of us and infuses us with its Power. Grace is the arms that hold us. Faith is the quiet Power behind it all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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