The Year of Transformation

As this year comes to an end, I am reflecting on all that has happened. If I had to some the year up in one word it would be Transformation. And, of course, this is the word we chose for this year at CSL Kaua’i. The Year of Transformation.

So much has occurred joyfully and painfully. A friend asked us what moment of 2018 brought us the most joy. It’s really hard to define one moment, because there was so much joy. Our children visited and we had an amazing time with them. We had a Sacred Journey in January that surpassed any of our Sacred Journeys thus far. We had the privilege of partaking in a retreat with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton that gave us deep spiritual tools. We performed weddings that were so joyful and deep. We adopted two beautiful cats and finally have pets of our own. We moved into our new home. We’ve had parties that have brought us together with those that we love. Joy was prevalent this year.

If I had to pick one thing that brought me the most joy, it would be moving into our new home. Why this? Well, I think it was the essence of the transformation that I claimed as this year began. It was a statement into Law that we were upgrading our life in all ways. It took a jump in faith and trust. It was Love and Law brought together consciously with conviction, and met with a resounding yes.

This has definitely been a year of transformation not lacking in pain either. We’ve lost many people in our lives to their journey to the next plane of action. It has been difficult and painful to let go of so many, especially our dear Nora. However, isn’t this all about transformation, too. Their lives have been transformed in ways that we know not yet of. I have been transformed in my ideas about death and life.  I am growing and expanding because of this deep pain that I feel. I trust the process of transformation, and allow it to move through my experience, bringing more and more understanding.

My life has definitely been transformed this year emotionally, mentally, physically because it has been transformed Spiritually. The Universe only supports us for good. I am beginning to understand at a deeper level what it means to not  judge by appearances. Something is always occurring beyond what we see.

Like the caterpillar who becomes very uncomfortable in its cocoon, and eventually has to let go, so are we all caterpillars again and again through the process of transformation.  If I have learned anything about transformation it is to let go, surrender, stay present and trust the unknown. Allowing ourselves to be transformed by our experiences is what Spiritual Evolution is all about.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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