What is Impending is a Choice

I knew an eighty-seven year old woman who spent the last year of her life worried that she would run out of money before she died, that she would not be able to afford to care for herself while her health declined. She was a religious woman of the Catholic Faith. I reminded her, in her own language, that God had always provided for her. Why would he stop now? I assured her that she would always be just fine. I think she believed me, but she died anyway a few months later. She had told me she missed her husband who had passed a few months before.

This woman was my mother, who passed away in April of 2018. I truly believed that it was a combination of these thoughts and beliefs that she had that created her choice to leave our planet. The Universe is always conspiring in our favor and it did, most definitely for her. Her health declined more quickly than anyone had anticipated and she was gone with a couple of months of our conversation.

Why am I remembering this right now? Because what I know is that we are always cared for and the Universe always provides exactly what is required in every moment. We can do all the planning we want, and I think we should, but within all that planning, we could never plan for all the life events that we will experience before the end of our days here.

Plan away, but I invite us to never forget that we live in a present Universe which is moving through us moment by moment with the choices that we make as we react to what is in front of us. We must be flexible, yet stand in our truth. We cannot predict our future, but we can trust and have faith in the moment. As each moment comes we can know that all the answers, support and life itself is right where we are. We can stop our habit of making up catastrophes and fear of health challenges and doomsday, and instead perhaps imagine how we can live happy, fulfilled, healthy, loving, prosperous lives as contributing members of our planet family.

Trust is my answer right now, because I know that as I trust and have faith, I create the avenues by which my life will flow. There are many predictions in the Bible and other ancient texts that have been translated and decoded. They tell of these times that we are living, but they also tell us about choice. We have the choice in each moment to change the course of any impending doom or destruction. What will we choose in every moment? It begins with the individual choice and ripples out from there.

So, as we plot and plan our own lives and either live in fear or hope for our futures, we might want to consider this. We might want to consider having trust and faith instead of fear. We want might to consider to plan as if everything is all right in this moment and that each moment is taken care of as it comes.  We can change the course of causation in any moment by thinking anew. Nothing is impending except what we choose to be impending.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

4 thoughts on “What is Impending is a Choice

  1. I’m keeping this one. Thanks for all you do. Blessings from Sacramento. Love Suzanne

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  2. “It begins with the individual choice and ripples out from there” Beautiful ❤ This is something many of us tend to forget way to often… Thank you!


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