Make Not Your Thoughts Your Prisons

Several centuries ago, William Shakespeare wrote “Make not your thoughts your prisons.” I am finding great comfort in these words today, along with the Science of Mind reading about having the Mind in us that was in Christ Jesus.

What does it all mean? Well, there is only one Mind that we all share. It is the Mind of Source, the Mind of Power, Love and Light, the Mind of God. We all share in it and our individual expression is how we use it. It is written that Jesus used it in the highest possible way, as he knew of his union with the Divine. We, for the most part, use it to lesser degrees.

William Shakespeare reminds us that our thoughts can be our prison. If we are not using this Mind of Source and Power and instead letting our thoughts create lesser scenarios for us, we are living in a prison of thoughts. Thoughts that tell us we are less than, thoughts that tell us that we are poor, sick, weak, thoughts that give us a fatalistic view of the world and everything in it, thoughts that dwell in lack and limitation, can and do create these experiences for us.

It’s not about being a bad person or blaming ourselves for our conditions, but it is about our perceptions and how we look at everything in our life. As I wrote yesterday, we can’t plan on what will happen in our life, but we can plan on how we react to it. We are confronted daily with experiences that are either challenging or experiences of great opportunity for deepening and growth. Do we react from a place of faith and trust or do we wait for the other shoe to drop?

There has been a lot of loss in my life over the last year in the way of people leaving this plane of action and also people experiencing illness and losses of other kinds. I have found myself, at times, lost in my thoughts and not in a helpful way. Too much sympathy can create an atmosphere that doesn’t aid, but instead adds to the problem. My thoughts become my prison and I imprison everyone else with my thoughts.

So, I must not make my thoughts my prison. Instead, I realize that the only mind and heart that I can control is my own. I can free my thoughts to think the highest for all my friends and loved ones. By doing so, I can assist in the lifting of their lives through my faith and belief and conviction. That’s what Spiritual Mind Treatment is for. I can be their cheerleader, staying in a consciousness of love and light without trying to manipulate and control their experiences. We are all free. I am not in charge of anyone else’s experience.

So, I invites all to “make not our thoughts our prisons.” Instead free ourselves to think without limitation. Free our minds from manipulation and control of others. Live in thoughts of forgiveness and let go of the terrible expectations we put on others that when not fulfilled leave us in prison.

“Make not your thoughts your prisons.” Open the doors of unlimited potential that is the Mind of Source/God and walk free to create a beautiful amazing life for yourself, while thinking the highest and best for all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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