Can We Trust Implicitly in Good?

Mystic Ernest Holmes wrote, “Let us dislodge doubt, fear and unbelief and trust implicitly in Good.” 

I am pondering this these last few days since returning from my trip to Los Angeles, Nora’s transition and memorial, the transition of Brad, another spiritual brother from LA, and numerous friends who are suffering health setbacks. Even my little cat is having a health issue right now. Truthfully, it has seemed a bit overwhelming to be greeted everyday by some sort of suffering.

However, deep within me, I know the Universe is for me and not against me. I rely on this knowing now more than ever before. I also know that thinking upon all these experiences as happenstance or bad will only bring more sorrow. I have come to the conclusion that the only way through life is to realize that all of life is about spiritual evolution, and that the seeming fleeting quality to life does not mean that life is not always right here deep within all of us, never leaving us. I have no control of the journey of another soul besides the thoughts I choose to think in connection with that journey.

So, I look at these experiences as opportunities to deepen my faith, to surrender what I think I understand to being willing to learn something new, and to perhaps, just perhaps, entertain the idea that possibly all of this is Good. That all these people, including myself are being brought to a higher and more expansive Self, more in Union with each other and the one Spirit at the same time. “The way to become one with the Universe is to trust it.” I am trusting it.

Since I do not at this time have a recollection of any plane of existence except this one, I can only go by what I intuitively feel. Perhaps this is what is meant be “judge not be appearances… .” Things are not what they appear. If I am going to believe then life is Good, that the Universe is for me, that Love overcomes everything, then I must now prove it by giving my full faith to it, even when I cannot see it. I must open up and surrender and step back and begin to see as life sees – the bigger picture. It might not be all mine to see, but it is still there, nevertheless. The more I am willing to see, the more my vision will expand.

I’m thinking about that old song, “From a Distance…” I do not believe in an outside God, looking down on us, but I do believe that we can step back far enough if we choose to trust that something larger is always happening, that we are all right here in the heart of Spirit, never separated, always expanding.

I am at a time in my own evolution where I must practice what I preach. I repeat: “The way to become one with the Universe is to trust it.”  There is no more room for doubt if we are to birth this new era of peace, harmony and love. There are no mistakes in a harmonious and balanced Universe. I am willing to trust that everything is as it should be. I am willing to let all of this take me deeper.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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