It is the Nature of the Universe to Give

Ernest Holmes, teacher, author and mystic wrote, “Let us do away with a ponderosity of thought and approach the thing simply and quietly. It is the nature of the Universe to give us what we are able to take. It cannot give us more. It has given all and we have not yet accepted the greater gift.” Of course, the taking is mental acceptance.

We live in a Universe of abundance and prosperity. We only need to look around ourselves to see the multitude of creativity in Nature itself. There is no lack or want. Yet, many of us walk through life constantly in need or in fear of supply. We think there is not enough, not just of things, but of ideas and people to love us, recognition, experiences  to our liking, money and much more. Many of us are in want for a majority of our life.

If it is as simple as Ernest is stating, that it is all about our acceptance, then why don’t we just get with the program? I believe it all boils down to one thing – worthiness. We have talked ourself into feeling unworthy and less than. We might say we feel that we are worth loving and smart and good, but in the depth of our soul is a spot that holds unto what years of experience have taught us: we are not enough.

The thing is we are more than enough, not because of anything that we do but because of the royalty that we are. “What could be more beautiful and magnificent than a Divine idea in the Mind of God.” We have all the qualities of greatness within us. The only way to them is to free them. Gratitude for what is here frees our greatness.

If we could “get our bloated nothingness” out-of-the-way, if we could realize that this bloated nothingness is just our fear and nothing but an illusion, we could take a deep breath and choose to release it and allow all the good to pour through us. Gratitude will assist in this release, as we give and receive.

An open hand creates two things. It allows us to give out what we have in the way of Spirit and it allows us to receive. Our Good comes through us, but it comes from everywhere. Never put a limit on it, hold onto it, or expect it from a certain source. We are the Source and It is right here within us. It’s all about allowing, acceptance, gratitude, and surrender.

The Universe “can only acquaint us with its ideas as we are willing to receive them.” There is much to grow into in the way of the Infinite. We cannot contract it, we can only expand into it. Getting to know ourselves is a journey. It is an opening to the Divine Mind, which is our Mind. As we think from that place, it shows up everywhere in new and magnificent ways. We are a blessing and we are blessed as we walk though this life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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