Love and Law

In the Science of Mind and Spirit teaching, “all is love, yet all is law.” This explains everything that occurs in our plane of action to me. First of all, what is Love. It is not a feeling or a Valentine. It is not something we give or do not give to someone else. Love is who we are. It is the self-givingness of the Spirit of all Life that pours through us to express Itself uniquely through us. It is the great urge of the Creator to create manifested in the multiplicity of the Universe in all forms.

So, how could Love create the seeming “bad” things? Well, Love is spontaneous and has volition and choice in it self givingness. We as Love have choice. However, that choice is subject to an immutable Law, an impersonal flow of action that just says yes to whatever it is we choose to create. This does not make Love less than it is, because we’ve taken the Principle and mis-used it. It is still Love and It is still Law. Love (we) lead the way and Law (the acting Principle) makes the way possible.

This makes total sense to me and explains why things happen or do not happen. Something is always happening, either consciously or unconsciously because Love and Law are always working. As long as we live and breathe and probably beyond, Love and Law are always working. With this knowing of Love and Law, we can see that anything is possible for us. The Love and the Law are Infinite. We are Infinite. There is no limit on what we can create.

I believe it takes a clear intention and decision in order to create our experiences consciously. I will give you a small example. Last night we were to have a bonfire as part of our closing for the Sacred Journey. The weather that surrounded the day didn’t look very promising. We kept going back and forth as to whether or not we would have the bonfire outside or just go into our Center and have a party. The rain kept vacillating as we vacillated in our decision. Finally, we said, “You know what, we are having this bonfire tonight. Whatever the weather does will be up to it and we will deal with that should we need to. We are having the bonfire.”  We called everyone and gave them the go. In that moment, everything began to clear. There were a couple of sprinkles, but nothing dramatic. We had an amazing bonfire and party.

You see, what I believe and what I’ve witnessed that proves it, is that when we clearly decide, the Law has to respond. Earth and sky will cooperate with the truly decided mind. Love gives direction and Law responds. It is Principle and it’s our pleasure and adventure to learn to understand it and use it and prove it in our own lives.

There is no limit, and it’s all up to us. Using it unwisely or against others can only bring our own downfall. Using it wisely with trust and faith bring unlimited experiences of good.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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