Moving Forward

Our Mind is the mold into which Spirit pours the Infinite Substance of Life and Creation. Ernest Holmes wrote, “If we wish a certain good, we must instill into our minds a realization of this specific good and then – as this idea is the mold we place in mind – it will be filled by the substance necessary for the complete manifestation of this good in our lives.” 

This is a definite Principle and I have proven it in my own life over and over, both positively and sometimes negatively. The good thing is that we are never stuck in any particular experiences. If we do not like our creation, we can re-mold our thoughts and create something new. This is what New Thought is all about. It is about the Power of our Minds (not our brains), but our Infinite Minds that are in the Universal Infinite Mind and how we use that Mind.

In the Quantum world it is called “The Field.” We all live in it. We all mold our experiences both individually and collectively. If we find ourself in an experience, it is us who placed ourselves there for some particular good to come from it. This is what I believe. If it is here, it must be here for me. The journey is to discover that good and use it for the better at all times.

The Sacred Journey 2019 has ended. I marveled this morning at the magnitude of this accomplishment for Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. This was most definitely an intention placed in a mold in 2013 that began to manifest in the first Journey in 2014. It has grown from that moment and each year it expands into a new mold. We are always asked how could next year be better than this year. It is not about being better, but it is about the Infinite ideas that are contained in the One Mind. We are all privy to this Intelligence because it is our own mind. We only need to open up with clear intention and allow it to pour through us.

Dr. Holmes wrote, “The one who wishes to demonstrate some particular good must become conscious of this particular good, if he wishes to experience it. Therefore, he must make his mind receptive to it and he must do this consciously.” 

The Truth of this Principle is that if we want a particular experience in our lives, we must become conscious of it and keep our thoughts poised in its success and then we must open ourselves up to receive it. This is not a matter of forcing thoughts, it is about surrendering our resistance. It is about not trying to figure things out, but instead allowing them to find us. They will find us when we are clear in intention and free to experience the outcome.

As Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i moves forward now from this Sacred Journey, I definitely expect to experience an expansion of ideas for growth and forward movement. I bask in gratitude for all that has transpired, but I know we cannot depend on what was. Life is always moving forward, moment by moment. In each moment, what is ours to do, presents itself in infinite ways through infinite means. Clear intentions with an openness to the results brings life through us with ease and grace.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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