“The field through which thought operates is Infinite. There is no doubt about it. Here and now we are surrounded by and immersed in an Infinite Good. How much of this Infinite Good is ours? ALL OF IT! And how much of it may we have to use? AS MUCH AS WE CAN EMBODY.” Ernest Holmes

We cannot go further with our lives than we are ready to go. It’s all here for us and what I know is that in the right time, for us individually, things unfold. This is how I explain the road my life has taken. I could never have been ready for the things I am experiencing today twenty years ago, when I seemed to want them so much. I had not embodied them.

So, the field of dreams and aspirations and desires is infinite. It is all here in the invisible. When we bring our mind and hearts, united, to a point of total acceptance, when the conscious mind does not argue with the soul or subconscious, we find ourselves living in a whole new experience. It seems like a miracle, but it is totally normal.

As I look around my world and the life I am living, I can see that this is true. Sometimes I just marvel at it. How did my life become this? It is so magnificent. It is rich in experiences, both deeply sorrowful and fully joyful. There is expansiveness to my life that I am in total gratitude for. I believe it is because the field in which I operate is Infinite in experiences. We can only experience what we understand as reality. We must believe, accept and have faith in ourselves and those things we say we want.  The invisible comes first.

If we are longing for more supply, we must feel we are supplied already.. Our own energetic field is a magnet. We can only attract what we are consciously. As we keep our thoughts and heart poised in gratitude for what is already the richness of our life, we are automatically living in that richness. We are so blessed.

All the support we could ever require is right here and appears for us in the perfect time. As I go through life, I have faith that what I require is showing up for me right when it is necessary. That would be always. It is always here. There comes a time, when we do not want anymore because we just know.

And, as far as our health is concerned, the same truth applies. Our bodies are backed by Infinite source. If we could trust this and learn to grow in that trust, using what we use in the world of medicine, but trusting that Infinite Source is the true healer within us, we  would see ourselves moving out of the race consciousness of illness and old age. Again, I have seen people all around me prove this. A life that has meaning beyond its physical body, has the physical body that is perfect for it all the time.

There is a field of infinite Good. It is here for us. ALL OF IT! How much can we have? AS MUCH AS WE CAN EMBODY. We live in a material world that is Spiritual. When we begin to truly live this way, we will experience our lives getting better and better, deeper and deeper, more loving, more creative, calmer and more peaceful. We are the world and if we want the world to improve, we better improve our own state of mind by embracing the unlimited potential of the Infinite Reality.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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