Thoughts = Matter

I am more deeply convinced in the Power of our Thoughts and the disciplining of them. I understand that an unruly mind is a detriment to my life and the aspirations I have, and to my ability to be in an inspired state. I must discipline my mind.

To me, this means spending time in Spiritual Mind Treatment to begin with. This helps to anchor me and direct my thoughts. I also firmly believe that the more time I can spend in steps one and two of treatment and actually take them into ny daily activities, the easier the discipline comes. Step 1 is the recognition of the Power of Love/God everywhere. Step 2 is my identity as that Power.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that “Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought.” Also that “the more power we give our thought, the more power it has.” 

Really, it is now being proven scientifically that our thoughts are related to the health of our bodies and to all the ways we express in this three-dimensional world. If we want a healthy, loving, prosperous and ever-expanding life, we must begin to let go of all programs and habitual thinking, living in the past, and worrying about the future. We are going to come up against many experiences in our lifetime. Being able to think ourselves through them from the highest place instead of knee-jerk reactions, brings peace, clarity and healing.

It has been stated by almost every philosophical, religious and scientific persons that our thought is creative.  I read this from a book by Gregg Braden called “The Isaiah Effect.” It comes from the writings of the Essenes, an ancient sect of Judaism, of which Jesus is said to have come from. They are said to be the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“Then shall the Son of Man seek peace within his own thoughts….There is no greater power in heaven and earth than the Power of the thought of the Son of Man. Though unseen by the eyes of the body, yet each thought has mighty strength, even such strength that can shake the heavens. …”

Every time we think with feeling and determination and then speak that word, the power of that thought is planted in the seed of creation. Sometimes we think that we cannot control our thoughts. We feel that they are coming from somewhere else, put upon us. I believe that this is partially true. When we do not direct our thoughts, we begin to allow ourselves to be open to anything in the one Field/Mind of energy we all live in. We are influenced by the thoughts of others, even unknowingly.

However, in any moment we can retrain ourselves. It might take a bit of work and practice, but it is possible. I know because I’ve done it. I also know how easy it is to fall back when we are not vigilant gatekeepers. As I said before, the easiest and more graceful way to be those gatekeepers is not by trying to keep things out, but by keeping the within aligned with our truth, the highest place within, our identity as God. We will then begin to think from that place.

I begin every day before I rise from my bed with Spiritual Mind Treatment. I set my day and how I want it to unfold. I do not give specifics in detail, but in how I want to feel, think and live. I then do my best to stay conscious. Since, I’ve been practicing this for a while, I am pretty self-aware and can bring myself back quickly.

We are the silent observer behind all our thoughts. The thinker that thinks through us is directly engaged with the Infinite. If we get behind the power of our thoughts, there is nothing that we cannot do, be or experience.

What do you want to think? You have the right and capability to choose in every moment. We are self-conscious. We were born into this 3-dimensional reality with all the capabilities to maneuver through the many pathways, co-create the material reality and prove that “spiritual thought force is more powerful than material resistance.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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