Is it true? Is It Necessary? Is it Kind?

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” This quote has been attributed to many philosophers, mystics and sects from Buddha to the Amish.

No matter where this gateway of speech comes from, I believe it is important enough to note. If we consider that our word has power and that our subconscious or subjective mind receives suggestion, we would be more than careful of the words we choose to speak, not just to ourselves, but to others.

I had an experience where a person felt it was necessary to relay information to me. After I let the after effect of this secondhand information settle, I realized that it di not fit any of the gatekeeper questions. Oh, it might have been true, but still it was the perception of the person’s interpretation that was relayed to me.  So what am I left with today? I am left with a suggestion that I can choose to embody or reject.

I am a fully conscious person with the ability to discern for myself what is mine to keep and what is mine to reject. I also have the ability through practice to do the spiritual work necessary to release those thoughts, fears, doubts that might hinder my flow of energy.

However, it is still my thought that when we are deciding to tell another person something we heard, that asking these questions is integral. I would add to these questions, what is my intention in relaying this information? i would ask myself and examine my motives? Is it to assist? Is it to gain more power by being in the know? Is it mere gossip?

I live by the Principle that I am responsible for what I speak; however, I am not responsible for how it is received. I’ve had many experiences where people have misinterpreted my words. If they come to me in conversation, then we can reach a point of clarification. If they do not, then I have to trust that what I spoke landed for the highest good of all because my intentions in speaking are backed by love.

Our word has Power. Sticks and stones can break our bones and words can hurt us. The power of the word we give in the form of advice, suggestion or possible rumor all lands in a field that is creative. We’ve just implanted an idea in the one field that we all share. Of course, we are free agents and that is our savior. We get to choose how we speak, what we say and how we receive what is said.

I believe that whatever comes to me and is in front of me is here for me. It might not be the obvious information that was initially given, but the truth is known and falls in front of me for my highest good.

Also, we are at choice as to whether or not we allow someone to give us information. Perhaps, we can ask the person, “Is it true? Is it necessary/useful? Is it kind?” It would give the other person the opportunity in the moment to reassess their motives. We are at choice. All of us!

So, really, Ernest Holmes was right when he stated that malpractice in the sense of influencing another person’s life is impossible because we are at choice. We are the gatekeepers of our own minds and hearts. We get to choose whether to accept whatever it is we hear as something we want to embody.

And, as the speaker or relayer of information, we also get to choose what we speak. Asking the gatekeeper questions, “Is it true? Is it necessary/useful? Is it kind? will do much to clear the field and let our conversations be in heaven.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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