How Do We Heal?

If God is a Presence and a Principle, which I know it is, and this Presence is perfect and unlimited in its scope, which I know it must be, and if I am a point at which God expresses; then it would be the logical conclusion that I would be unlimited and perfect, also.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that prayer doesn’t change God, but prayer does change the one praying. We cannot change God. It is!  It would be impossible to do anything to a Principle that IS unchangeable. It is our own mind that must be changed, as we become more deeply conscious of our true self.

Yesterday, I heard from two people who are suffering from a disease. What I know about this is that when I am asked to pray, I am not praying about the removal of the disease. There is only one way for me to pray and that is for the removal of anything blocking my consciousness of peace, harmony and poise concerning this person. I am recognizing and affirming the Spiritual Principle, that Infinite Presence, is all there is and therefore is moving through the person I am praying about. When I come to know of some old belief the person has about themselves that they can’t seem to let go of, I know that my treatment brings a new idea to my mind, which is the truth about this person. I am planting this idea in the one mind in which we all live. It is felt everywhere. I keep my work in the unseen bringing everything in my mind back to First Cause.

Everything is Spirit and we are all vibrating at different levels of the Divine presence. If we become ill, it just means that we’ve lowered our frequency and allowed our immune system to lower at the same time. I believe we do not catch diseases; we catch thoughts. We are a complete system, mind, soul and body – all Spirit in vibration. I am not fixing and removing diseases from people. I am simply knowing their true essence which is an energy that has never been touched by anything. I call it First Cause, and this vibration is the vibration of the Divine. When I bring my own mind to that place of the Absolute, First Cause, or as the Quantum world calls it – becoming no one and no thing. The disease has to disappear because it was never there. It has nothing to support it because it is only supported by consciousness. When the consciousness is changed the disease has to leave. Ernest would say that it has nothing to support it. This has already been proven over and over, so there is no sense to argue with Principle. It would be better if we just practiced using it.

I am Spirit and my body is in Spirit. This is the truth for all of us. We have the capacity to heal ourselves by remembering this and truly allowing it to permeate our consciousness to the point of embodiment. Embodiment happens when our conscious mind (heart) and our subjective or subconscious are not arguing with each other anymore. It can be a process, so in the mean time, we use medicines and doctors and anything that supports us in the world of form. However, we must never forget that the healing is in consciousness.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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