My New Self

I am so excited for the new. As I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza and immersing myself for the first time in the methods of healing and transformation that he uses, I can see that it is in perfect alignment for where I am at right now. It is Science of Mind and Spirit radically expressed in modern terms.

As I listen to the testimonials of those who have been healed of debilitating diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s to neurological damage from strokes, I acknowledge the common theme. It is the willingness of the people to say yes to the work, get back up when they fall down, and create a whole new person with a new mind living in a new environment. The work is not about Dr. Joe or the efforts of willpower. It is about creating a discipline of practice with the of mind and heart coherence that results in a total surrender to the Higher Mind or the Divine.

I love the question that was asked today by a woman who had lost everything she had gained at one of Dr. Joe’s advanced retreats. She was clamoring to get back to what she felt at the retreat. How true is this for many of us. We have a spiritual experience, go to a healer, attend an inspiring workshop, or spend a week in retreat, only to come back to our environment and business as usual. We cannot sustain what we experienced, but fall back into our old personality and our old ways.

Well, the answer is simple. We live programs that were created by our agreement with race consciousness, our family backgrounds and beliefs, the news, and all the many outside influences. These programs become our life. Ernest Holmes would say we were hypnotized by our outside environment. We do not even know whose thoughts we are thinking.

The truth is we are the ones who have accepted these beliefs at some point and we are the ones who can change them. We can become new. The other news, which might not seem good news to some, is that we are the ones who have to create the discipline to do it. We have to make the decision to keep at it. We have to decide to try it and then allow ourselves the time and patience and love that it takes to receive the benefits. The lady that was interviewed by Dr. Joe said that she finally had to say, I’m willing to give it up. I’m willing to do this exercise. I’m willing to meditate. I’m willing to be new.

What are we willing to surrender to receive the life we say we want? What are we willing to become? Are we willing to do the work? Really, what we are becoming is who we truly are. We are letting go of the self that has become familiar and embracing the one who has always been there, not dormant, but waiting to be released in its splendor.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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