Discover, Understand, Use…

I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles away from any other land mass, just one of a chain of small islands in an endless ocean. I usually do not think of it as isolation, nor do I get Island fever. However, on days like the last two, when the wind is blowing very hard and the rain comes in torrents, I do feel it. I feel the feeling of vulnerability. As the electricity flickers on and off and I check the house for candles and flashlights, and I realize that I might lose the internet, a certain feeling begins to come over me. It is the realization of how dependent I am on these things always being here – electricity, light, connection. What if it were all taken away?

I sit with that thought. There was a time when we had none of these things. We were primitive thinkers, rubbing sticks together to make heat and never knowing that there were other people like us on earth. If something happened hundreds of miles away we may never know of it for years if at all.

However, all the Laws of Nature that gave us the things we enjoy today always existed. We did not create them, but we did have to discover them and use them. As we reflect on our scientific history, we can prove this. Great inventors were merely persons who knew that there were laws and worked with them until they got their results.

So, Spiritual Laws are the same. They are here for us to discover and use. They are always working at the level of our understanding. If we are unconscious of them, they still continue to work, but only as we can conceive of them. If we think we have to rub two sticks together to get heat, then of course, that is what we will do. If those inventors of the past, never got beyond that, we’d still be sitting in the dark. They believed in expansion.

Similarly, If we think we have to work very hard to accomplish anything in life, then that’s what we will do. Life is to us as we understand it to be. God is to us as we understand God to be. Ernest Holmes once wrote, if we need to get anything it is understanding, Instead, I think we can spend a lot of time, arguing about why these spiritual laws might not exist, instead of trying to understand them and use them.

That’s not me. I know we have the capacity to expand. We cannot stretch the Infinite Mind, but we can expand our understanding and use of it. There is a formless stuff, energy that fills all of limitless space. It is timeless and infinite. We are its and we come and we go in form. Those things that we have that we think are so precocious to us also come and go.

In reality, nothing is permanent, except one thing. Spirit. It is the essence of our cells, our heart, our mind. We are Spirit using a Law that is infinite, making things from our self-knowingness so that we can express and know ourselves more and more. There is an limitlessness about us that will never be fully expressed because it is Infinite. That’s hard to comprehend right now, so I’ll just start right where I am and realize that I am in charge of this present moment.

I know there is only one place I can go at times like this – during this storm. It is right here to the Power and Presence within me. It can never be taken away from me, nor can it go anywhere. It is here. It gives me comfort to know this. I’m grateful for my faith and understanding.  There is so much more to know and discover. I am grateful for the journey.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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