After the Storm

We went through quite a storm yesterday here on the Island. Lots and lots of strong wind and rain plummeted us, downing trees, etc. This morning is beautiful, sunny and peaceful.  As I went outside and began to sweep and rake the leaves from the lanai, I reflected on the idea of “after the storm.” 

We’ve all had and have storms in our life. What I know is that they are just experiences, not the totality of who we are. They are experiences brought through us because there is something for us to know. Everything is for us. We can’t go around these storms or under or above them. If we do, they will just come back in another form. It’s all a part of spiritual evolution. We must go through them. Going through them as the Divine allows us to integrate the lessons that are presented, know more about ourselves and our life, and move to a higher way of being. In this Science of Mind and Spirit, we do not go to God with our challenges, we bring GOD TO OUR CHALLENGES. With this Power, anything is possible.

After the storm is over, it is time to take the rakes of our mind and gently let go of those things that do not serve our new growth. It is an easy and graceful process of letting go and releasing that comes with a new peace of mind and a new way of being. It is a choice, a decision to surrender and let go.

So, if you find yourself in the middle of a storm, what I know is that there is a peaceful passage in the perfect time with all the support from sources seen and unseen. I know that the passage to the new way of being is laid out before you and that you are walking it with ease, grace and great discoveries. Love leads your way and Law makes that way possible for the highest good of all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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